Game: Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. Cheats

Game Genie Nine lives for both players: AATOZE Infinite lives for both players: SXIOPO Super jump (when standing): APZLGK Super jump (when running): TPZLTG Mega jump (when standing): APZLGG Mega jump (when running): APZLTG Moon gravity (when standing): YAZULG Moon gravity (when running): YAZUIG Always Super Mario: OZTLLX + AATLGZ + SZLIVO Start on World… Read more »

Super Mario Bros. Review

This is a special game. It’s a classic; the first true platformer. Strangely, one of the greatest things about this game is that it’s short. Whenever you’re bored you could pick it up for a quick game. The replay value is unbelievable. To those who’ve never played (all three of you), the goal is to… Read more »

Super Mario Bros. Glitches

Minus World Minus World (level -1) is an endless water level that looks just like Level 2-2, except reaching the end brings you back to the beginning. To enter Minus World, go to the pipe at the end of level 1-2 as Super or Firey Mario. Break all but the last block above the pipe…. Read more »

Super Mario Bros. Guides

World 1 1-1 Hidden 1-Up After the forth green pipe wall slowly forward until about 1/4 of the pipe is out of the screen. Jump up and you should hit the right corner of a 1-Up block. Quickly jump again to get the mushroom. Coin Room The forth pipe from the start leads to a… Read more »