Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 Cheats

Game Genie Infinite lives: SLXPLOVS 9 lives after continue: AEKPTZGE Power Jumps: ELKZYVEK Super Power Jumps: EZKZYVEK Mega Power Jumps: EAKZYVEK Multi-Jumps: GZUXNGEI Miniture Stone Mario: EXKXGLIA Sky walk: SXEZSKOZ Faster run: OXKZELSX Fly without a running start: AANZKLLA Start on World 2: PEUZUGAA Start on World 3: ZEUZUGAA Start on World 4: LEUZUGAA Start… Read more »

Super Mario Bros. 3 Review

The greatest game of all time. No game before or since could ever rival SMB3. The gameplay is genius. 2D run and jump action has never been better. In addition to mushrooms and fire flowers, SMB3 included a new item, the leaf, that lets you turn into Racoon Mario and fly for short amounts of… Read more »

Super Mario Bros. 3 Guide

Random Information The N-Spade Game The spade game has eight possible combonations. F = Flower 2 = 20 coins 1 = 10 coins M = Mushroom S = Star U = 1-Up [M][F][U][F][S][S] [2][S][M][1][U][F] [2][M][1][M][F][S] [F][2][M][S][U][F] [U][F][1][M][2][S] [M][1][S][M][F][S] [U][M][1][M][F][S] [M][1][S][2][2][F] [S][U][F][M][F][S] [F][S][U][F][2][M] [1][M][2][U][M][1] [S][F][S][M][F][S] [M][F][2][F][1][S] [2][U][M][1][U][F] [S][M][S][M][F][S] [M][F][2][M][1][S] [F][U][M][1][U][2] [S][F][S][M][F][S] [F][S][U][F][U][M] [1][M][F][S][M][1] [S][2][2][M][F][S] [F][1][U][F][S][S] [2][S][M][1][U][F]… Read more »

Traveler’s Guide to Super Mario Bros. 3

The Toad’s Castle Explorers have returned from the wonderful and varied worlds of Super Mario Bros. 3 to bring you our Traveler’s Guide. This guide will look at Super Mario Bros. 3 with an emphasis on entertainment rather than reference. I don’t hesitate to invent my own history when the official story is too thin…. Read more »