Game: Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros. 2 Cheats

Game Genie Infinite lives: SZNESXVK Infinite health: GZELVXSE Moon jump for Mario: PESEGLGA Moon jumps for Luigi: AAEEZGPA Moon jumps for Toad: PENALLGA Moon jumps for Princess: PAXAPGGA Speed up enemies: AEXALGZA Walk backwards: GOEANKAO + USEEEKKA Faster run for Mario: AXSETUAO + ESVAPUEV Faster run for Luigi: AZEEGKAO + EIEEYKEV Faster run for Toad:… Read more »

Super Mario Bros. 2 Review

Four words: What was Nintendo thinking? Since they thought the real SMB2 was too hard, they took another game, pasted Mario characters in, and sold it as SMB2. The gameplay is completely different. There is only a one player mode, but at the beginning you get to choose from from four characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad,… Read more »

Super Mario Bros. 2 Guide

INTRO This game is my least favorite of all the Mario games to date… well, except for Mario’s Time Machine and Mario is Missing (neither of which were all that entertaining of course). So I suppose that it’s my least favorite of all the actionbased Mario games that I’ve played. However, just because it’s my… Read more »