Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Cheats

Action replay (M) FDF3-F69A-61Y4T PP41-ZY0P-KC7QJ Have Items in Battle H7P0-0K2Z-C6TQ9 1ZB9-9JWQ-MJX84 9K3K-VGRU-MANWA FJEK-WWHR-XR33M QA7P-ZT9E-9X93Z 999 Star Points GZWK-APUY-U4RWT E9VC-QZ9Z-RKZN9 0 Star Points 199G-ZQAD-Z8YKD 3F3R-41RE-NU3H8 999 Shine Sprites FM28-DUEQ-NX82A AYD5-PR1G-070T5 999 Star Pieces 09H8-N2ZB-EEK0H 28M6-QBZT-H10ZB 999 Badge Points K47Z-2GNX-YTU5K CUHF-MUYR-EBKF7 999 Coins QTUB-8M04-R8FQF 5HDN-WA9G-6Q6GE Infinite/Max Health NFBY-G9HP-C9QDT G2P3-PJWH-CMJAG 6MQD-GFPU-RQAWU JG6R-K5DR-GZQUJ EGPX-WB31-81XMF Max Health 6GQ1-EHAE-W12BM G2P3-PJWH-CMJAG 5XD3-H3T0-97RUR… Read more »

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Glitches

Bobbery in Your Party Early Get Ms. Mowz before going to Keelhaul Key. Swap her with another partner, then open your inventory. Try to use an item on a character, and you’ll see Bobbery in the list replacing Ms. Mowz! (At this point in the game, Bobbery is next to join your party.) Use an… Read more »

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Guide

Shine Sprite Locations Shine Sprites are used to level up your partners! Collect three of them, present them to Merlon, and level up your partner once! There are several Shine Sprites in different locations, such as follows: Rogueport -On the rooftops on the East side of Rogueport 9gangster side); it’s in plain veiw. To get… Read more »