Super Mario Uprising (Officially Affiliated)

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Super Mario Uprising (Officially Affiliated)

by FanofSMBX » Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:03 pm

Hi! I'm FanofSMBX, or TiKi on Mario Fan Games Galaxy. I've collaborated with supertoad to bring you one of the all time best in-development Mario fangames! Here's the original post from MFGG, which explains most of everything.
Updates to this post by me:
The editor is still in development! I have just beta tested a version made in March!
If you like this, please post here to show Raikyo your support!
Another way to help is to apply to be a founder or operator on #supermariouprising on EsperNet!
I've created the channel, but now I need a replacement founder (who is an operator with a few more privileges) and a few operators! PM me here, me on forums, or me or Raikyo on!

Raikitty wrote:[center]Image


Your daily random facts and notes:
SMU , the game which is not like SMBX. It's different. get over it.


Super Mario Uprising,
formerly known as Project M is a Mario Game based on your own Levels. Create, Share and play the levels together with your friends or even unknown people from all over the world!
After you made a Level using the inbuild Level Editor you can upload it to the server and share it with friends. You can rate other maps or download them.
Planned is a lobby where you can talk and buy new stuff for the Editor using coins collected from the levels. Or just search people to play some levels. Each level can have different missions like Reach The Goal or Collect all 8 red coins. You're also able to create chatrooms and hang out with other people on your map! After you finished a level you'll get exp to level up your Account to access more editor objects. At the start of each level you can select one of many different characters.

This means that there will be map-making contests, highscore haunts, online chill sessions and much more. Oh yeah and it's online, though you should already know that.

Stay tuned for more News!


Server Status: Offline


Current Version/Release: 0.9.6A
Release Notes: [s]Version 0.9.5A is out.[/s]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Release Date Unknown.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

01/12/14 - 0.9.5A

#New Features:
-- Changed some script syntaxes!
-- Now SMU comes with an auto updater!
-- New Tileset
-- New Backgrounds
-- New Event Objects!

-- some small bugfixes.

-- Not released, yet![/center]

Older Versions: - Outdated
DEV0.9.4 - Major Bug
DEV0.9.3.1A - Outdated
DEV0.9.3A - Outdated
DEV0.9.2A - Outdated

Older Changelogs:

01/13/14 -
[spoiler]Changelog 01/13/14 -
#New Features:
-- Added new masks!
-- Removed info screen.
-- Changed layer visibility
-- Now you can overwrite existing levels!
-- Music not loading bug fixed!
-- Wrong layering after loading bug fixed!
-- Wrong Sidepanels bug fixed![/spoiler]

01/11/14 - DEV0.9.3.1A
[spoiler]Changelog 01/11/14 - DEV0.9.3.1A
#New Features:
-- Added the "Event Panel"
-- Only one Collision mask right now for testing purposes
-- Some graphical changes
-- Tiles not reloading.
-- Tile deselection bug fixed![/spoiler]

01/09/14 - DEV0.9.2A
[spoiler]Changelog 01/09/14 - DEV0.9.2A
#New Features:
-- None, first release!
-- Major bug fix (Tiles not showing, mouse cursor not showing, settings resettet after loading)[/spoiler]


Most of the screenshots are outdated!

Please be aware that most of the screenshots are from a very early engine test (Some tiles are displayed darker. This is already fixed. The latest screenshots are at the bottom of the spoiler!
Tons of things will change and nothing is final.

[center]Level Editor








Image Image




++Editor Features:
-Buy tiles and other stuff using your collected ingame coins and unlock them by reaching a higher level!
-Customizable external Files (You're able to create Music, Sound and Texture Packs!)
-Customizable Editor
-Visual Effects
-Save and load your level!
-Dual-Encryption System. Noone will steal your levels!
-Special Level compression. Make big levels without losing much space on your hard drive!
-Fixed Grid 16x16
-Music Player + visualization
-Online and Offline Support
-Place and delete objects
-3 Different Layers to give your level depth (Background, Main, Foreground) + 1 Layer for Events (Enemies, Warp Masks, Collision Masks, etc.)
-View Mode (View your level from the top layer!)
-Tons of different Tiles
-.ogg Music and .wav Soundeffects.
-Different Backgrounds
-Changeable Level Size (640x480 to 6400x4800 px)
-Level Lock (You can lock the level so only you can reload it into the editor!)
-"Sidepanels". A special, easy to use side panel interface!
-Inovative, easy to use Interface
-Quest System. Give your level more than just the classic "reach the goal" purpose.
-Create chatrooms to chill and hang out with your friends and other people!
-Automatic Backup creation
-Changeable Configurations!
-Shikaternia's awesome Tilesets!
-Much more!

++Game Features:
-Skin/Texture and Music Pack support!
-Stay tuned for more infos!

[center]Support Banners/Logos
Special thanks to CatezeeY for making this logo <3
Code: Select all


++Planned Stuff:
-Online Multiplayer
-Tons of updates!
-Chat System
-Level Sharing System
-Level Rating System
-Day/Night Cycle
-Hub World
-Item/Tile/Event Shop
-Mapping Contests
-much more!


++Fun and interesting Facts:
-At first a simple level (Size:640x480, Blocknumber: 146) needed over 250kb. now a level with 700 Blocks needs about 15kb.
-Basically this was SMO at first.
-The editor uses tons of external files. You need a decent Computer to run this without lag! I'll give more specifications about this, soon.
-This is hell. Trust me. I never ever want to create another level editor with plenty of features and external file support in Multimedia Fusion 2 again!
-Characters won't be customizable! You'll have to stick with the given characters, sorry :(. This can change in future releases!
-more to come?!


If you get a virus alert then it's a fake alert:
DT @clickteamforums wrote:Periodically software created with Multimedia Fusion (MMF) will cause a virus protection "false positive". A false positive error, or in short false positive, commonly called a "false alarm", is a result that indicates a given condition has been fulfilled, when it actually has not been fulfilled.

Each virus protection software provider is constantly updating their libraries and as new capabilities (objects/extentions/runtimes) are introduced into MMF these files typicaly fall behind. When MMF creations do create a false positive the author should contact the antivirus provider so that these libraries can be updated.

This page provides a list of all of the most common providers:

Attached are examples of typical alerts from common antivirus providers.

Source: ... post615410



Feel free to ask something and I'll add it to the FAQ!

Q: When will this be released?
A: When it's done. Maybe 2014. Maybe next month, maybe never.

Q: Which engine do you use?
A: The engine is 100% made by myself. No premade stuff

Q: What tool do you use to program this?
A: Clickteam's Fusion 2.5

Q: Will the editor features all stuff from mario games right from the start?
A: Actually not. Only a few things will be available right from the start. But I'll add new features, blocks, etc from time to time. Just like your regular updates in other online games!

Q: Can we create our own characters and customize them?
A: Sorry. You won't be able to create your own character (for now. This could change in the future). But you'll be able to wear stuff like hats, etc.

Q: Which characters will be playable?
A: Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach for sure. Maybe Yoshi and some others!

Q: Will there be skills and stats for each character?
A: Not sure about this yet. Maybe stats, so you can upgrade your jump strenght or running speed.

Q: Will there be endbosses ingame?
A: Not sure about this, yet. Maybe in the future!

Q: Why can't we use the editor freely and create and modify stuff on your own?
A: Like I said before. This is not SMBX. It's a sort of MMORPG and not a platform only to create mario levels to play. If I would open all doors for modifiers and make everything open, then it would be too easy to hack or modify stuff for your advantage. This is an online game and not an offline game

Q: Is the editor seperated from the game?
A: Actually not. The editor is a part of the game.

Q: Who works on this project?
A: Just me. So this really takes some time. I have a life! But I'm happy about every support I get <3. Thanks!

Q: Is this free?
A: Of course. No subscription, no ingame items for money. Just free. It's a fangame and all stuff is copyrighted by Nintendo!

Q: Can I help?
A: Sure. Just post your ideas or your feedback. Thanks <3

Q: How much players can play on a map together?
A: Not sure about this yet. Maybe 4, maybe 8 or maybe even more?!

Q: Is this a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game)?
A: Sort of. You can level up your character, buy stuff for the editor with collected coins, etc. Though nothing will give you an ingame advantage. I'm not sure how this will work though. That's just an idea. Maybe you have also a neat idea?

Q: Is this a SMBX clone?
A: Nope. Actually I played SMBX once or twice and this was ages ago. The only similarity is a level editor though SMU and SMBX are totally different games.

Q: Some have already said they played it. I though there's no release, yet?
A: Maybe you've missed the first test release! Keep your eyes open for another closed alpha release!

Q: Will there be a chat?
A: Yep. It's an online game and it would be pretty boring without a chat. Make new friends by chatting in the lobby, show your earned stuff to other people and play levels with them! You can also chat inside the levels.


Also some small notes:
I just want to clarify some stuff:
Some guys posted stuff about SMU on other forums (mainly SMBX forums). This game has nothing to do with SMBX. SMBX is an awesome game and my game should not be compared with it. They are two totally different games. I hope this won't end in a sh*itstorm or fanbase hating. SMU is about playing levels together, leveling up your character and some other online and multiplayer features (not an mmorpg!). Again, I never though about creating a new SMBX or something similar. This won't replace SMBX. So keep playing SMBX! If you find some posts about this project outside this forum (even with my name), then this is 100% not from me. SMU is an MFGG exclusive (this is made for everyone, even outside MFGG, of course! BUT I won't advertise this game or something and the only official discussion topic about SMU is this one). I hope this clears some hating. Don't hype this. Just enjoy it!

And some copyright stuff: This is a non-profit fangame. Credits goes to Nintendo.

Thanks for reading <3.
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