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The Bowser Shrine

by supertoad » Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:00 pm

At The Bowser Shrine, it is all Bowser and the Koopa species; you will find no plumbers here! My objective is to have so much Bowser content that it's nearly overwhelming; to compensate for the lack of Bowser content over the years! Through years and years of searching for Bowser material, I would estimate that I have about 3,000 files specifically related to Bowser alone. That would be renders, fanart, screenshots, music, etc. Oh by the way, did I ever mention that I was obsessed about the Koopa King? Quite possibly being an organization freak and a perfectionist, I had all of my Bowser media carefully sorted and named, and always did careful backups over time. I realized that a lot of the pictures I have collected over the years are quite possibly very rare or may not even exist at all on the internet any longer. At The Bowser Shrine, you can find anything related to Bowser, common or rare.
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