Article: Top 5 Video Game Villains - Part 3

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Article: Top 5 Video Game Villains - Part 3

by supertoad » Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:29 am

We have one more top five list this week. Catnip's list begins with:

5. Twinrova (Ocarina of Time, Oracle Series)

Ganondorf's surrogate mothers and just as wicked as him. These two brainwashed the Gerudo who dared challenge their son and then put her in armor and challenged her to Link. Link had no idea he was fighting the woman he had met 7 years ago. In the Oracle series, they resurrected Ganon and then once again fought Link. Their magic skills make them quite tricky and almost unpredictable, and everything comes together with their master schemes.

Read the full article.

In case anyone is getting tired of these lists, I'll be sure we have something different next time.
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Re: Article: Top 5 Video Game Villains - Part 3

by Poisentoad » Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:52 pm

Catnip you should have put their individual names. Referring to them in plural might confuse some people who don't know who she/them is.
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Re: Article: Top 5 Video Game Villains - Part 3

by Catnip » Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:37 pm

They're labeled as "Twinrova" on Zelda Wiki, which is where most people would probably go to find out. Sure, you can type in "Koume and Kotake" too, but you will get a redirect to Twinrova anyway.
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