Cinemassacre: Top 10 Worst Movie Clichés

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Cinemassacre: Top 10 Worst Movie Clichés

by Smashmatt » Sat Jan 23, 2010 2:55 am

CineMassacre: The Top 10 Worst Movie Clichés

10.) You'll never see me tripping over MY feet. Or at least if I did, I wouldn't completely fall over. Ugh...
9.) I tell you, if I was in a hurry, than the car not starting would really frustrate me. Then again, when you're against the clock, I tend to fumble over and get more anxious with what I do, so that might slow me down... Ironically.
8.) Reminds me of that Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged episode where the camera circles around Kaiba and Ishizu, and Kaiba got dizzy.
7.) What a coincidence, I just saw that Bugs Bunny cartoon today! And yeah, this happens a lot. "Psst psst psst..."
6.) I guess that's where the phrase comes from... Or maybe the cliche originated FROM the phrase...
5.) Well... Yeah, The Matrix was pretty awesome.
4.) Just how old IS this cliche?
3.) Oh God, this. This can get really annoying while watching movie trailers.
2.) This happens to often in trailers, I kind of gotten used to it.
1.) I think I saw something like this in TV Tropes...
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