ey fam was crackin

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ey fam was crackin

Postby Solid Otacon » Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:47 am

Man I haven't been to this place for a while now.

What's up? Did I miss anything?
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Re: ey fam was crackin

Postby Ronin Catholic » Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:19 am

Not really. This place is about as lively as it has been for the past four years or so? I stayed away through most of my two-year plus relationship with my last girlfriend, mostly by coincidence (it's been on my bookmark bar I just haven't been posting much). She dumped me on Halloween and despite saying she wants to be friends afterward hasn't tried to message me even once since that weekend, even on my birthday or Christmas. In hindsight my opinion of her kinda gets worse as time goes on.
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