Mario's Cement Factory Submission

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Mario's Cement Factory Submission

Postby Goombachi » Wed Jul 30, 2008 1:20 am

Platform: Game & Watch
Series: New Widescreen
Model Number: ML-102
International Release Date: June 16, 1983
Number of Players: 1

Mario's Cement Factory was the first Mario-based Game & Watch to not be named after or based off of an existing game. The objective is to fill up the trucks with cement while stopping the buckets from overflowing.

Mario's Cement Factory did not sell as well as previous Mario-related Game & Watches, mostly because it was not named after an arcade game and the Famicom was about to be released in Japan. The game only features three buttons; two to move right and left and one to pull a lever. It also features a clock, an alarm, a battery-backed memory to record the highest score, and two game modes, Games A and B, with the latter being harder.

For a Game & Watch, the gameplay is surprisingly complicated. The machine at the top of the screen fills up buckets with cement on either side that will be poured into the top two buckets. Each bucket can hold up to three drops. The player must move Mario over to the bucket and pull the lever. This will release one of the drops of cement into the bucket below it. Mario has to pull the bottom levers then, which will release one of the drops again, but this time into the cement truck. However, here's the catch: the four buckets are connected by a series of elevators. Miss one, and Mario will fall to his doom. Mario will also get a miss for staying on an elevator too long, but there is a safe spot to hang out to at the bottom if need be. The player also gets a miss if a bucket overflows with cement.

Scoring is relatively simple; the player gains one point for releasing a drop of cement from the top bucket and two points for the bottom. However, if the player has not made a miss yet at 300 points, then he or she enters CHANCE TIME, where double points are awarded until he or she makes a miss. If the player has missed prior to reaching 300 points, then all the misses are cleared.

Alternate versions and remakes:
US Boxart (Pocketsize):
UK Boxart (CGL):
French Boxart (j.i21):
German Boxart (tricOtronic):
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Re: Mario's Cement Factory Submission

Postby Fawful » Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:29 am

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Re: Mario's Cement Factory Submission

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Re: Mario's Cement Factory Submission

Postby HylianDev » Wed Mar 18, 2015 6:08 am

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Re: Mario's Cement Factory Submission

Postby supertoad » Wed Mar 25, 2015 12:21 pm

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