Koopa Kingdom Factfile

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Koopa Kingdom Factfile

Postby Clive Koopa » Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:18 pm

Written in 2007. This is something I did with my own interpretation of the Koopa Kingdom. Based on "The Hutchinson's Guide to the World" or whatever the book was called.

Area: 996,432 sq miles
Capital: Lisbon
Major towns/cities: Chippenham, Shepburn Heights, Monstro Town, Langford. (All made by me except Montsro Town)
Major ports: Chippenham, Falmouth, Leyton
Physical Features: Mountains in the west, valleys in the north-east.


Head of state and government: King Bowser III
Political system: Absolute Monarchy (Not sure on this as I'm not an expert on politics)
Administrative divisions: 8 counties
Political Party: Koopa Empire
Armed Forces: 1,296,445
Conscription: 2-3 years (Optional)
Death Penalty: Used for exceptional crimes only
Defence Spend (%GDP) 3.4
Education Spend: (%GDP) 5.7
Health Spend: (%GDP) 6.1

Economy and resources

Currency: Unknown
GDP: 8,776.3 billion
Real GDP per capita (PPP): 30,911
GDP growth rate: 3.5%
Average annual inflation: 2.2%
Trading partners: Mushroom Kingdom, Beanbean Kingdom, Sarasaland and Sub-Con
Resources: Gold, Silver, iron, Coal
Industries: Machinery, Transport, Food Processing, Electronics and Communicaton, Food Products
Exports: Machinery, Weaponry, Electronics and Communication. Principle Market: Mushroom Kingdom (30%)
Imports: Machinery, Transport Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Food Products. Principle Source: Mushroom Kingdom (28%)
Arable Land: 25.3%
Agricultural products: Rice, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Fuit, Vegetables

Population and Society

Population: 156 Million
Population Growth Rate: 1.2%
Population Density: 101 per sq mile
Urban Population: 83%
Languages: English, Koopish
Education: (compulsory years) 8
Literacy Rate: 98%
Unemployment: 5.1%
Life Expectancy: 94 (men) 96 (women)
Child Mortality Rate: (under 5, per 1,000 live births) 8
Physicans: 1 per 275 Koopas
Hospital Beds: 1 per 275 Koopas
TV Sets: 886 per 1,000 Koopas
Radios: 1,977 per 1,000 Koopas
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