Wario's Tiny Kingdom part 3

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Wario's Tiny Kingdom part 3

Postby Baron » Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:06 pm

Due to the impending doom Bowser was faced with both his Northern and Eastern neighbors; a combined empire was brought forth called the "Koopa/Mushroom Alliance" to cripple Wario's lust for power and dominance which knew no bounds... will it be enough to quench the unsung anti-hero into submission? Or will greed and power cripple the very egos who sought an alliance between both an equally egotistic kingdoms under Bowser and King Toad prevail over a common enemy...

(At Bowser's Castle...)

Bowser: Alright King Fungus what do you want?

King Toad: I propose a dual monarchy where we split our combined territory under one banner so we can cripple Wario's Kingdom before his Napoleon Complex knows no bounds!

Bowser: Bwahahaha! You!? A smelly fungus calling me out with such audacity?! I'll have you know that I will not associate myself with a shrimp and two greasy plumbers!

Mario: Big-a talk for a koopa who's army already got destroyed on both the Northern and Eastern front!

Bowser: HAHAHA! We got a concei-

(Out of where, comes a Koopa Troopa soldier...)

Bowser: Bah! What are you doing here pipsqueak?!

Koopa: Sorry your nastiness; but, Waluigi is marching his way down to your castle as we speak!

Bowser: What?!

Koopa: Your commander Bowser Jr. has abandoned his station and left it for Wario to claim!

Bowser: That good for nothing cheep-skate!

Mario: It looks like your out of options...

Bowser:... Fine! Just until Wario's kingdom get obliterated into mercy!

(Bowser proceeds to shake hands with King Toad)

Toad: Alright then; this calls for a celebration!

Bowser: I think I need some fresh air...

(Bowser exits to his balcony)

Toad: Master Mario; If you would kindly leave so I can indulge myself in this new alliance...

Mario: Okey-dokey! *Pushover...*

(Mario exits the room)

(Koopa servant enters the room)

Koopa: Pardon my manners but you have received this delicious mushroom from an anonymous individual for this new alliance...

Toad: Oh! Don't mind if I do!

(Koopa plants it firmly onto the table which Toad then proceeds to eat.)

Toad: Eckkk... *collapses*

Mario: I wonder what King Toad is doing...

(Mario enters the room)

Mario: What in the flying koopa is Toad doing on the ground!?

(Mario checks Toad's pulse)

Mario: He is dead...

(Bowser enters the room in annoyance)

Bowser: What in the flipping cheeps is going on with shorty mcfungus sleeping on my carpet I installed last week?

Mario: You poisoned him that killed him!?! You treacherous koopa!

Bowser: Don't get your boots tied in a knot! He probably farted his brains out and fell asleep from the gas that mushrooms produce!

(Meanwhile at Mushroom castle)

Luigi: I'm-a Luigi! Why do I always guard the castle...

Peach: Because you always run away from the site of danger!

Luigi: Give me a break! I'm a Luigi!

(Luigi uses a fireball power up)

Luigi: Nothing can stop me!

(Luigi throws it up in the air and it reflects right back on his cap)

Luigi: Helpppp!

(Luigi rans off the balcony and falls into the water surrounding the castle)

Peach: Koopas give me strength...

(Meanwhile at Wario's castle)

False Wario: Sire, we just got news of Waluigi heading to Bowser's castle as we speak!

Wario: Wahaha! I knew that under my leadership; I can destroy anyone who opposes my power! And with the mushroom I sent to the castle; will weaken their alliance; spiral their kingdoms and thus, give me the advantage... they should have thought twice of what they did to my kingdom long ago...

end of part 3
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The alliance of both Bowser's and Mushroom Kingdom's land...
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Re: Wario's Tiny Kingdom part 3

Postby ArborWeek » Fri May 03, 2013 3:17 am

Does anyone else hope Wario wins just to see what happens? :twisted:
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Re: Wario's Tiny Kingdom part 3

Postby Baron » Fri May 03, 2013 5:43 am

Lets see where fate takes us... :o

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