Wario's Epic Battle

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Wario's Epic Battle

Postby Baron » Mon Mar 22, 2010 2:39 am

In Wario's quest for wealth, he leaves his castle for some adventuring. Wario then pulls out his prized ruby that he values greatly. Wario puts the ruby up high and says looking at the ruby glowing red from the sun's rays,"Wahaha; One day, I will be filthy rich and will be the most powerful person in the world!" Out of the forest near by leaps out a black figure thats is hard to make out since the sun's rays shine so greatly!!! It jumps on Wario with great force that makes the ground crack and makes Wario drop the ruby?! Then the unknown figure says,"Bahaha, Thank you Wario for the ruby, for a hothead like yourself; you make my job easier!" Then, Wario at moments of losing consciousness: he sees a fire red mane and blacks out. "Wah, who was that Big Koopa cheater?! Wait a minute... what did I just say?! Argh I can't remember, come on for the love of coins...coins... thats it?! THAT WAS BOWSER!!!" Suddenly, Bowser looks back at Wario and sees him turning bright red!!! Bowser says in disbelief,"THIS C-CAN'T BE, THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!" Wario then shoots out a mighty fart and like a missile, hits Bowser dead on at his stomach!!! WHOA!!! Bowser gets send several yards away from Wario! And nails a few trees and falls to the ground at TREMENDOUS force!!! Bowser then stands up, coughing up blood"YOU THINK YOU CAN HIT THE KING OF KOOPAS?! PREPARE TO DIE!!!" Wario says while bright red,"I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!" WHOA, THIS IS A BATTLE OF POWERHOUSES! Bowser then gets in his spiky shell...WHOA HE HITS WARIO AT A HIGH SPEED AND SENDS HIM THROUGH SEVERAL TREES!? And bowser throws him up in the air and jumps up... AND DOES A TRIPLE SPIN GROUND POUND AND THE FORCE IS TOO GREAT?! THAT THEY ARE FALLING AT GREAT SPEEDS AND THEY ARE LITERALLY ON FIRE?! The aftermath is leaving a GIANT crater and as bowser jumps off blood drips from Wario's head. MY KOOPA?! WARIO IS NOT DEAD H-HE IS ANGRY!!! Wario then unleashes a POWERFUL UPPERCUT launching Bowser in the air... and jumps ups... gets diagonal from Bowser and does a his DASH ATTACK IN MIDAIR?! HE HITS HIM WITH GREAT FORCE HE SENDS BOWSER THROUGH THE GROUND AND THE CRATER WAS THE SIZE OF A FOOTBALL FIELD!!! BOWSER'S CONDITION IS UNBEARABLE TO SPEAK OF!!! Wario does Mario's signature move and grabs Bowser by the tail and twirls around... and Bowser is hurled in the sky and VANISHES!!! As Wario leaves in discontent HE FINDS HIS RUBY!!! Wario then says,"IM-A WARIO AND BOWSER IS NOTHING COMPARED TO ME!!!" Wario then wipes the blood from his head. The sun's rays then shine strongly... MY KOOPA AFTER THE RAYS EASE UP... WARIO IS GONE!!! Well Wario's legacy will not go unforgotten!!! His triumph that he shed his blood over is not the end.. but a new beginning...

Wario is Great!
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Re: Wario's Epic Battle

Postby Nightmare » Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:04 am

Pretty decent, but you shouldn't keep it all in one paragraph. Seperate the story a bit more to make it easier to read. The enter key is your friend.
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Re: Wario's Epic Battle

Postby Nesninja » Wed Dec 02, 2015 8:00 am

Tweet this could be useful.
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