Baby Bear's New Baby Brother

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Baby Bear's New Baby Brother

Postby Heavy Mole » Tue May 12, 2009 11:34 pm

Baby Bear's New Baby Brother
by Heavy Mole

One night, Baby Bear was disturbed from a sound slumber by a noise on the other side of his bedroom wall. It was coming from his parents' bedroom. First there was a loud thump, followed by an obnoxious scrawling noise, as though someone had dumped his all his marbles off the bedside at once. Baby Bear sat up and pressed his ear against the wall, and thought he heard his mother speaking to someone.
"Hey . . . Hey!! Get back here!!"
He heard a quickening in his mother's pounding footsteps.
"Hey, whad'ya- no, no . . . No!!!" she cried in despair.
This is strange, thought Baby Bear. Who could his mother be talking to? Papa Bear was away on one of his fishing expeditions.
Suddenly, the commotion picked up again, rising into a crescendo of scratching and hollering.
"Stop!! ...Why you little- oh boy, you think you've seen me angry? Well you're gonna see it!"
Baby Bear could see the moon peaking in from outside his window. It was far past his bedtime. Sighing, the young bear resigned himself to uncertainty and slipped back under the covers, closing his eyes. But he wouldn't get much sleep on this night.

The next morning, Mama Bear appeared while Baby Bear was eating his porridge, smiling contentedly and cradling a small raccoon wrapped in a dish cloth.
"I found him in the stove the other afternoon," she explained warmly. Baby Bear nodded. "He's your new baby brother."
Baby Bear furrowed his eyebrows; this was disquieting news! Had this been the cause of all the din last night? Baby Bear was not sure he wanted such an irritating little creature for a brother. And what of the explanations he would need for his critical friends, the duck, the cat and the moose? A bear with a raccoon for a brother?
As these concerns ran through his mind, Mama Bear smiled lovingly at her son and stroked his brow. "It'll be all right, Baby Bear," she assured him.
Presently, the little raccoon awoke from its nap, and, grumbling, broke into a strain of wailing. Mama Bear looked affectionately at the unhappy babe. "Hmm..." she chuckled, "excuse me."
Gripping the infant raccoon on the sides like a magazine, Mama Bear strolled over to the stove and brusquely rapped its head against the door handle. The racoon immediately stopped crying.
"That makes him quiet for a while," she said.


Later, Baby Bear was discussing the matter with his friends.
"Sounds pretty strange if you ask me," said Cat, in his laconic way.
"A racoon?!" exclaimed Duck.
"The whole situation makes me think less of you," Moose remarked.
Baby Bear and his friends were seated in a circle at their favorite picnic spot near the pond. Baby Bear had explained his new predicament and his apprehensions regarding his newly found borther.
"You guys have little brothers, don't you?" asked Baby Bear.
"No, but I've heard . . . unpleasant things," replied Cat. "That they try on your clothes when you're not home, and that they kill all the bugs in your bug collection, for instance."
"A racoon?!" exclaimed Duck.
"Listen, Baby Bear," Moose began, "you're going to have to figure out a way to get rid of him."
"Are you sure?" Baby Bear asked. He bent his head down thoughtfully. "He sure does make Mama Bear happy . . . and maybe it wouldn't be so bad," he added optimistically.
"Pfft. There's no two ways about it," Moose peremptorily declared. "Now I have an idea, if any of you care to listen . . . here's what you do..."
And Moose carefully laid out his plans to be carried out that very afternoon.


Some time later, as amber light filled the kitchen and Mama Bear was preparing supper, Baby Bear tip-toed over to the oven to survey his task.
"Moose really did have the right idea with this," thought Baby Bear. "Now I get to have a big, yummy supper, and I'll be rid of that pesky brother!"
So he thought as he picked up the lid to the pot filled with creamy mashed potatoes. "Mmm..." he said, licking his lips. Baby Bear then proceeded to eat the entire pot!
"That was delicious," he said, rubbing his tummy, "but that might not be enough..."
Baby Bear got back up on the stepladder and began to search through more pots. In one there was asparagus, in another, cabbage.
"Eew..." he cringed, and decided to look in the oven. One the top shelf was a tantalizing honey ham. "Perfect!" He reached in and ate whole thing, leaving only the bones.
"Ah . . . one more..."
It just so happened that below the ham was a tray of delicious cinnamon buns, and this arrangement could not have been more agreeable to the young bear; in a flash, they too were gone. As Baby Bear reveled in satisfaction, he heard the approaching steps of his mother and quikly fetched the raccoon, who had been playing in the adjacent drawing room the whole time.
"Oh!" Mama Bear was taken aback. "Why, all of the food I have been cooking is missing!" she cried, examining the stove. She saw that the vegetables remained, and became suspicious. "Baby Bear..."
"Look Mama Bear look! The little raccoon did it!" he pleaded, holding the infant up. "He deserves to be punished! It is not a good thing for him to be living in this house!"
Mama Bear closed her eyes and nodded, knowingly. She knelt down and put her hand on Baby Bear's shoulder. "Baby Bear . . . Having a little brother won't make me forget about you."
Baby Bear looked up kittenishly. "It won't...?"
"Of course not!" Mama Bear smiled. "And don't worry about your friends, and especially that silly Moose. Your family has some of the only people in the world that will always love you. It is a joy to have a new brother!"
Baby Bear thought it over. He smiled. "You're right Mama Bear. I'm sorry for eating all the food . . . and for trying to get the rac- my little brother, in trouble."
"It's okay," said Mama Bear, hugging him. She picked up the raccoon and the three shared a group hug.
Just then Papa Bear came home in his muddy fishing boots and beheld the scene.
"Welcome back dear," said Mama Bear.
"What is that?" asked Papa Bear, pointing to the raccoon.
Mama Bear stood up. "It's the newest member of our family."
"No it's not," Papa Bear spat out. "Get that out of here - it probably has a disease or something." And the raccoon shot out of the room, leaving the dish towel behind, and sallied out of the house into the twilight.


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Re: Baby Bear's New Baby Brother

Postby Forbes Dude » Thu May 14, 2009 4:21 pm

This was...quuite entertaining C:

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