The Odd Nintendo Couple Show!

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The Odd Nintendo Couple Show!

Postby CuteToad » Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:30 am

Hello. I will make a new humor writing series called The Odd Nintendo Couple Show. It's about a Gengar (from Pokemon) called George, and Mario. Here is the very first episode...

EPISODE 1: How They Got There, The ODD Way

Long long time ago, a Gengar called George survies a Gas Attack from Snorlax but sadly, his parnets die. #•--|-= Then Baby Mario survies but his parnets get eaten by a Piranha Plant. They then go to a Foster Home. BUT, they happen to be in the same place. Mario is nice, Gergore, not. It begins!!!!

(Mario and Gerorge watch TV, but they have a fight aganist the remote. They then watch a UN-Expected ad.)

Guy on TV: Would you like to fall in love? Yeah? (both Mario and George nod there head) Well, the Toad's Castle Disco will be on at's Castle. Anyway, I'm Toad!!

Mario: I know a him. I watch da battles. (gets punched by Geogre)

Toad: So be there tonight! Bye for now!

Jingle: (plays YMCA song)

Geroge: Im going there! (he runs out the door)

Mario: WAIT FOR A MEEEEEEEE!!!! (leaves scene)

(contines soon)
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Re: The Odd Nintendo Couple Show!

Postby CuteToad » Sat Apr 04, 2009 8:31 am

Fade in a VERY special event at Toads Arena, turned into a dancing floor, insted of grass. Enter Mario, Geroge, Toad, Toadette and all Nintendo guys from Nintendo games.

Mario and Geroge: Puff-huff-pant.
Mario: Ooohh! A mushroom! (eats it) No, a what, is that a poisionous? (Geroge nods) HHHAAACCCKKK! (faints) ...I see...Tunnels...
Geroge: Sprite!

Some poes appear and steal the REAL mushroom. But they tease him and Geroge laughs.

Mario: (punches Geroge's grinning smile teeth) HA HA!!!

Later, a small guy called Toad came up and everyone did nothing.

Toad: Welcome to the 10000th Toad's Castle Disco Prom Night! Now, every boy and girls, grab your parnter. And this is sponsed by the Nintendo DSi.

(Bowser gets Peach, Yoshi gets Birdo, Toad gets Toadette, etc, but 2 guys are the only ones: Mario and Geroge!)

Mario: oooook. Hey let's go to the Bathroom.

(Both guys go there, but Geroge makes Mario Dasiy.)
Arena Centre

(everyone dances, for 4 hours.)

Now, let's see the winner of the dance...Mar-
Peach: HEY! I now quit Bowser to Mario!!!
Bowser: I choose her. (ponits to Geroge)
Geroge: Yyyyyyyaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii!!!! (runs)
Bowser: Wait for me! (runs)

Toad: Ok, the winner is Mario and Peach!
Everyone: YAY!!!!!!
Toad: Well, that's the end of our show. Goodnight everyone!!

Fade into outside of Toad's Battle Arena.

Geroge: HEY! IM NO GIRL!!! COPS!! HELP ME!!!!
Bowser: Happy Past Valatines Day!!!

Le Fin

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Re: The Odd Nintendo Couple Show!

Postby Goombachi » Sat Apr 04, 2009 6:25 pm

I think this has no story progression whatsoever.
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Re: The Odd Nintendo Couple Show!

Postby Fawful » Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:08 am

Is it supposed to be funny?
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