Saturday Knight Dinner chapter 1

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Saturday Knight Dinner chapter 1

Postby junotoad » Fri Oct 24, 2008 3:34 am

Meta Knight's weekly Saturday dinner is about to go wrong...

"Hey, this is good!" said Sword Knight. "Well, I can't really get it through my mask..." said Blade Knight. "Well, take it off!" yelled Meta Knight. "But I only have one eye! I'm a freakin' Cyclops!" Blade yelled back. "Oh, and it's not a mask, idiot, it's a helmet," said Sword. Meta Knight jumped on the table and bellowed, "SILENCE!!!!" Sword and Blade shut up. "You shut up, hypocrite," murmured Blade Knight. Meta Knight flung a green bean at him. "I heard that, Blade Knight. I'm old, but I have sharp hearing," scolded Meta Knight. "Well, who cares if you're a cyclops or not?" asked Sword. "Waddle Doo's a Cyclops!" Waddle Doo, insulted, said "HEY! What's wrong with that?!" "Shut up and finish your meatloaf," grumbled Captain Vul.

In case you want to know, they were not on the Halberd. If they were suddenly attacked, all their dinner would hit the nice carpet in the Halberd dining room. (Yeah, I know the Battleship Halberd doesn't have a dining room! But this is a fan FICTION, alright?!) Instead, they were at Meta Knight's house. Kirby came in. "Poyo!" he said, which meant: "Ok, Meta Knight, what are you up to?" "Nothing, just having a Saturday night dinner. We're having a nice conversation," Meta Knight replied, glaring at Blade Knight. Kirby groaned. "Oh sure, you were having dinn-" His sentence was cut off. He saw the food. All his suspicions fell. "You were on the invited list," said Captain Dee, holding up a long list.

M. Axe
M. Chain
M. Trident
M. Lance
King Dedede
Knuckle Joe
Me!!! (Meta Knight)

"Works for me!" said Kirby. Just then, King Dedede came in, panting. "Ok, I'm here, sorry I'm late. I had a bit of trouble with my Dedede jeep," he said. He slipped on a piece of paper. It floated over to Meta Knight. He read it. "That's where the second page went!" he said.

Invitation List Page 2

Petey Piranha
King Boo

Meta Knight called them and told them to meet at his house immediately. "THAT'S AN ORDER!" he yelled into the phone. "Thanks."

Later the forgotten guests came. "You didn't-a have-a to yell," groaned Mario. His ears hurt. He sat down and brightened up when he saw what was in the middle of the table. "PASTA!!!!!!" he exclaimed. Peach and Toad covered their ears. "You didn't have to yell," they said in unison. Then Toad realized something. "12345678910JINX!" he said to Peach. Then Peach groaned. Toad freed her from jinx. "By the way, who didn't you invite?" asked Slippy Toad. "Uhhhhh..." Meta Knight said. Just then, they heard loud crashing and meatloaf splatting everywhere. Captain Dee panicked. "OH NO! IT'S THE ATTACK OF THE PEOPLE META KNIGHT DIDN'T INVITE THAT ARE MAJOR VILLAINS BESIDES KING DEDEDE AND META KNIGHT!" he screamed. Meta Knight took him to the bathroom and grabbed a ruler. Then he smacked Captain Dee. "Don't disrespect me," he scolded. Dee nodded. He was released. Dee said, "Hey, Meta Knight, come over here." Meta Knight looked out the bathroom door and saw Peach and Zelda being taken by Ganondorf and Bowser! "Ah, classic. Another !@#$% kidnapping," grumbled Meta Knight. Bowser and Ganondorf were flying in a large ship called, Ganonbowser. It was a Bowser head in front, and released boars to kill people. It had huge bat wings like the Halberd. "HEY! We had the batwing idea first!" yelled Meta Knight. Battleship Ganonbowser took off. Meta Knight shouted to the remaining people, "Everyone, take your plates and go to the Halberd! I'll get the food." What will happen to them?!?!?! Stay tuned to find--- "HEY! Is this like a TV show or something?" scolded Sword Knight. "Oh well, the next chapter will come soon..."
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Re: Saturday Knight Dinner chapter 1

Postby junotoad » Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:28 am

I think this is the best piece of writing I did...
Wheelie is cool Toad is cool Toadette is cool Kirby is cool Mario owns.
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