When Peach gets mad...

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When Peach gets mad...

Postby junotoad » Sat Sep 06, 2008 2:05 am

This film is rated PG for swashbuckling action and minor swearing.

You never saw Peach madder than this! Not even at Vibe Island! Watch...

Peach was calmly driving on the MAch Bike, when she heard a siren. She saw the speed limit, and her speedometer. "Whaaa? I'm only going 40 miles per hour, while the speed limit says 50 MPH," said Peach. The police officer stopped her. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW FAST YOU WERE GOING YOU CRAZY WOMAN!" he yelled. He was racist to Mushroom Kingdom dwellers. So far he arrested 7 Goombas, 10 Toads, and 1 plumber for DWMK: Driving while Mushroom Kingdomian. "I was only going 40 MPH," replied the princess. "OH YEAH?! YOUR'E UNDER ARREST FOR DWMK!" yelled the officer. "What the h- HEY! SINCE WHEN WAS THAT A LAW?!" screamed Peach. She could feel herself getting hotter and hotter. She was very cross. The policeman said, "STOP RESISTING YOU OUTLAW! HERE'S YOUR FINE!" He handed Peach a fine for $ 1,000,000 googol! Peach started boiling. Her hair got mussed up, and her cheeks turned red. She gritted her teeth, and clenched her fists. Then she blew.

With that, Peach ripped up the fine and the ticket, tore the policeman's logbook in half, smashed the policeman on his car, killing him, beat the crap out of the body with the car, smashed her bike on the car, and smashed her helmet on the bike. Then she kicked the bike, which went sailing clear across the world 50 and a half times. Then she grabbed the key to the police car, and started squishing him. The policeman was nothing but a road pizza. Everyone stopped to watch Peach beat the crap out of the policeman. Then she jumped on him. Then she gave him the old heave-ho. He sailed halfway across the world, to China. He smashed through the Great Wall. What was how much adrenaline she had. Peach began to cry.

Toadette came to Peach, asking why she was crying. "A policeman gave me a ticket just for being a Mushroom Kingdomian," she cried. Toadette gave her a hanky. Peach blew her nose heally hard. HONNNKKKH! Toadette patted Peach on the back, saying that it will be all right.

Later, Peach was in her castle, lying down, resting, sleeping. Toadette lay down next to her. She said it was not right to be arrested just because of your race, and that cop deserved to die. Peach hugged Toadette, and thanked her for comforting her. Toadette hugged her back. Peach still had tear stains on her face, and her eyebrows were still salty. Her pillow was hot. But Toadette was next to her, and that made her warm another way.

The happy way.
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