~The Island~

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~The Island~

Postby Toadette160 » Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:43 am

The Island: Prologue

Mario was sitting at home one day with his brother Luigi. He looked out the window to look at the tall green trees growing around his house, swaying in the breeze like a blanket would if you were to flap it gently. Luigi turned to Mario with a weird glance on his face. Luigi was trying to make it noticeable to Mario that he was staring at him, but Mario’s attention was directed outside. It had been such a long time since Mario’s last adventure. He missed going around all of the treacherous lands, defeating Bowser and his evil minions. All of the sudden, Luigi jumped right in front of Mario. Mario looked up at his younger brother with a puzzled look on his face.

Luigi: Mario, what are you doing?
Mario: Oh. I was just thinking about all of my adventures. I miss saving the princess and whatnot.
Luigi: Maybe something will come up, she does get captured pretty often.
Mario: Yeah. Maybe.

Mario stood up from the small wooden table that he was once sitting. He made his way to his room and plumped down onto the bed. “Why can’t something happen anymore? Why is everything so boring? I am getting tired of waiting for something to happen.” Mario laid down in his bed with the same thoughts racing through his head. It wasn’t even noon and he was hitting the hay. Was it too peaceful in the Mushroom Kingdom?
On the other side of the kingdom, up in the tallest tower of Peach’s castle was the highness herself. She was writing in a small pink journal, with a peach scented pen, the aroma filled the room quite nicely. She was too thinking how unadventurous her life had been since she had last been kid-napped. She put down her pen and journal on a small desk and began to leave the room. She opened the door and outside it was a Toad. He was evidently about to enter the room before Peach had opened it away from his grasp.

Peach: Toad? Why did you leave your post?
Toad: Oh, I was actually looking for you your royalty. There is an emergency downstairs.

“Really? Has something really happened? Is it time for a new chapter to unfold?” Peach raced downstairs into the first room of her rather large castle. She ran up to the same Toad she was talking to before shuffling around in a closet. He turned around and began to speak.

Peach: Yes Toad what is it?
Toad: Out of these towels, which do you like best? Beige or Chestnut?

Peach sighed to herself quite loudly. She murmured Beige and walked slowly back up to the tower that she came from and began to write the uneventful things going on in her life.
In Diamond City on a large apartment was a big man dressed in a yellow shirt and purple overalls. He was sitting on his couch laying back as far as he possibly could stuffing potato chips down his throat. He was watching “American Pie.” He was watching every detail of the show until the commercials briefly ended his fun. He began to ponder about his life. What has he done in his life? Nothing much… He hasn’t won anything really. He did make a few friends, but he ditched them all for money. Yep, his life was pretty dull. He quickly turned to his television. There was a commercial to a vacation resort. It was to Isle Delphino. It offered many things you could do if you stayed, such as a trip to Rico Harbor to fish, simmering on the beach, and staying at their fabulous hotel. It went on and on about all of the fabulous luxuries. It stated at the end to enter all you had to do was go online and enter the required information and you could win. It also said you can bring up to 12 other people! Wario, being the gullible lard he is, ran over to the computer and opened “Internet Explore” He typed in the address, glancing once more at the screen so he wouldn’t forget. There was a long survey one things such as, “Do you smoke? Are you married? Do you drink? Do you like Jell-O? Does your spouse like Jell-O? Would you eat Lime flavored Jell-O?” He finished the survey and hit the send button. Out of the blue the television blares, “Now back to out feature presentation.” Wario quickly ran over to the couch and glued his eyes to the screen once more.

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Re: ~The Island~

Postby Goombachi » Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:18 pm

Pretty good so far!
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