Daisy, Toadette, and Peach: Sequel to Daisy and Toadette

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Daisy, Toadette, and Peach: Sequel to Daisy and Toadette

Postby junotoad » Thu Aug 28, 2008 10:31 pm

Yes, they're back, and they're bringing Peach along for the ride...
Chapter 1-1: The News, and the Landing of MK's New Ship
One fine day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Daisy and Peach fwere having lunch at Panda Express. "You know, this isn't real Chinese food," said Peach. "I know, but it's good," said Daisy. "Oh well, let's just finish and do our business."

Suddenly, they heard something. It's like a Magicruiser parking in the lot. Toadette came out with a lot of groceries. "HELP! ROSALINA'S BEEN KIDNAPPED!!!!!" she yelled. "I find that very hard to believe," said Peach. "NO! BOWSER WENT UP IN THE KOOPA KLOWN KAR AND KIDNAPPED HER! THE LUMAS ARE IN THESE BAGS I STOLE FROM BOWSER!" Toadette screamed. She opened them, and a wave of Lumas engulfed the restaurant. Then the door opened, and the Lumas poured out of the restaurant. "Oh, good grief!" yelled Daisy. The Lumas covered the parking lot.

Meanwhile, Meta Knight was in his new ship from Kirby Squeak Squad, along with Kirby. Kirby looked out the window. His stomach growled. "Can we eat now?" asked Kirby. "OK, there's a Panda Express below, nearby a Target and a Blockbusters," answered Meta Knight. "Be careful of the Lumas down there," said Kirby. Lucky for them, the Lumas got out of the way to the Halberd. Peach, Daisy, and Toadette said, "Well, that was convienient," said Peach. Toadsworth jumped out, and so did Toad. Toadsworth was given a captain spot, and Toad a copilot. Pikachu supplied electric energy to the ship. They jumped out. Peach missed Toad so much, that she hugged him. "Let's get some lunch," said Toad. "But we already did!" moaned Peach. "So you could wait. Where's your cycles?" asked Toad. "We parked them next to the restaurant. Are you saying we could race?" asked Daisy. "Yep, the Lumas can make a track for you," answered Toad. The Lumas already made an elaborate race track. "Okay, we'll entertain ourselves. Peach, let's see who could cross the finish line in 3 laps first," said Daisy.

End of Chapter 1-1

Chapter 2-2: Peach and Daisy's Race

Peach and Daisy lined up at the start line. Daisy revved the engine of her Rapide. Peach popped a wheelie on her Bon Bon. Then Lakitu waved the starting light...
Peach and Daisy took off like mad horses. They drove like heck. They banked through curves, sped through straightaways, and even did a few tricks. Peach made a mistake and steered into the ship. Then she crashed out and drove into the old Halberd. Then she hit a wall and crashed into Daisy and they bot drove up Target and landed in Panda Express and crushed the table Toadette was sitting at and they all died.
Just kidding. HAHAHA! Peach spun out and landed on a pile of Lumas. Peach passed out, and the last thing she could hear was "OH MY GOSH! PEACH! PEACH! ARE YOU OK?!?!"

Peach woke up in the medical room of the Halberd. They used the Halberd because it was closer to the princess and the medical workers were more experienced with the old equipment used in the Halberd.

But while we're here let's check on our friend Rosalina...

Rosalina was not kidnapped by Bowser, or Nightmare, or Team Rocket. She was captured by Marx. But why Marx? He wanted to rule everything over Nightmare. "Yes, with this woman I'll know everything about the universe! And soon I will be as powerful as anything could be!" said Marx. While he was monologing, Rosalina wriggled free and untied her gag. Then she clipped Marx's wings. Then she ripped them off. Then she took out a hammer and whacked him. Marx died. Then Rosalina walked out and fell off a cliff. She was hanging by one hand, and slowly her fingers were slipping...
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