Fan Fiction: A Good Hunt Gone Bad

Chapter 1

One day, a young Yoshi named Skolar was in the Islands dense forests hunting for prey. As he was closing in on a Piranha Plant, a bright light was closing in on a meadow near him. “What was that!?” I said. I noticed that the grass was set ablaze instantly. As I began to make my approach a heard an eerie noise from a pile of foliage, I slowly drew my bow and taped the light with an arrow taking extreme caution. “What the heck is this thing?” I turned by back for one second and when I looked back the glowing sphere had been split in half. I caught one quick glimpse of the creature, it was furry and soft, it was too good to be true for in the distance a stomp was heard. With every passing moment it grew louder until a creature with fangs and a blood red eye stared straight at me. When it let out a roar I ran for the trees. I stopped when I found myself looking over a one hundred foot ledge. “I guess I need to make a stand right here.” I drew my sword and charged the beast. I grabbed his enormous fangs and climbed to his head, with a powerful blow I jammed my blade into his neck and slid down, he still was on my tail. “Taste this you ugly maggot!” I quickly drew an arrow and shot his eye. “This is my chance!” I Jumped on his back and rode him into the dense forest, pounding his head into the many trees and rocks. “This thing must have rock hard skull.” He finally gained control over me and threw me to the ground with all of hi might. “I need to find some other way to take this beast down.”

I ran in south until I reached R.J’s house. R.J. was a fierce mage and could cast his way out of almost anything, I myself new only morphing magic. He lived in a hut overlooking the forest I was in. “Oh great, now I need to climb the ledge.” He would normally have a latter but due to the recent shy guy attacks he took it down. I concentrated and morphed into eagle, once I gained enough speed I began to fly to the hut, but the beast knew what to do, he started throwing everything in sight. I was struck by a rock and plunged to the ground. “Hmm, maybe this guy can help me.” I stood at the bottom of the rock wall as he charged; when he lowered his head I jumped on his neck and rode to the top. He held onto the edge trying while to pull himself up. “Have a nice flight,” I then kicked his head and he fell to the bottom. “R.J., open up,” “Hey Skolar how are you doing, I have some extra apples if want some.” “This isn’t the time for apples, get your enchanted butt over here and help me out!” R.J. then replied “Can’t you keep yourself out of trouble for one day!” “Okay I have a plan, you need to time a pulling spell right when he starts to charge, it will bring him to the ground and I can snap his neck out.” Let’s go!” R.J. cast the spells and he fell flat on the ground, I swiftly climbed to his neck lifted his horns and in a matter of seconds he laid lifeless upon the ground. In the middle of relief hundreds of lights resembling the one from the beast began plunging toward the Island. “This can’t be happening.”

Chapter 2

“This can’t be happening,” I said as I watched the flames fall from the heavens. “We need to alert the village!” What the heck is that going to do; we don’t have the power or the artillery to sustain ourselves.”Wait… Isabel, she can hit anything with a b…ow, and she has different equipment for it. As we ran through the thick foliage we got a glimpse of the flames, it was not just creatures, Siege equipment advancing on position filled my heart with fear and fright. We continued to run until we met a strange man. He said “no one can escape the dragon fires, the prophecy will be fulfilled, and all you know will perish and die by their evil hands.” Finally we reached the village. “Everyone head to the nearest safe house this is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill!” “Skolar, what is the meaning of this interruption.” said Uchavi. Uchavi was one of the head elders; they are marked leaders who are chosen every 50 years. “Uh sir, well not to be rude but, get off that throne and get the militia out here!” As we climbed up to the watch tower we gazed at the siege that was approaching. “Attention citizens of the Island, the prophecy is nigh.” “Skolar, I must make sure my people are safe, you must lead my army, and I trust you” I stood in awe as I gazed at the militia. “Maybe you should route my army together. I paced back and forth until I said “Men of the militia, your mission is simple… kill all that disgraces our people, we clearly outnumber them, but I have seen their army and fought one of their troops, they are brutal monsters. Go for their necks and keep your distance until you are ready to strike.” Their army grew near as I spoke. Flaming artillery began to fall, blackening the air with dense suit. “Today, we rid our land of evil, today we fight like no man has fought, and today we conquer!” A moment of silence passed and was broken when a man shouted, “For the Island!” The men repeated him and charged the army. “Skolar, I found Isabel.” “My bow is yours.” “Okay I have a plan to kill the general, first we must get him on the ground, I overlooked the landscape and found that there is a rock slide waiting to happen, If R.J. can pull spell at the perfect moment we can get on top of him.” “Isabel, when he is on the ground, shoot a few arrows into his spine then we can find a way to trap him.” Let cut some throats, we charged the general as screams of terror we let out. I signaled R.J. and he use the rock slide, and jumped on his back. “Die you beast of Oblivion!” Isabel loaded his spine with arrows. “Why won’t you die!” I yelled. He threw me to the floor and did the same to my companions. All hope had seemed lost; He raised a boulder above our heads. “I do not fear death.” I said as I closed my eyes, but when I opened them, the creature lie dead on the ground. I looked in the trees and saw moving shadows. One landed right in front of me. Who are you?” “We are the clan of the Flaming Dragons” he replied. How did you kill that beast?” There is a weak point near the pressure point on the shoulder, once he circulation stops he’s dead.” “We have been watching you and your friends; if you except our proposition and complete our mission we will accept you in our ranks.” What is you need me to do?” I replied. “Come, we must talk about this in private.”

Chapter 3

“Come,” the man said. “I am sorry but I you don’t want me I am just a child. “That is where you are wrong, just because you are a child doesn’t mean we can’t accept you, and besides, I am the head recruiter for my clan.” We kept on for hours when finally he said “Listen to me, I know a savior when I see him.” “Savior, what exactly do you mean?” I replied. “One must prove himself by saving a town or race of people; if they succeed they will be welcomed, and that is our standard.” “You are not the strongest on the Island, but you are eager to learn which will prove useful when you are sinking a blade into flesh.” “What is it I must do to join?” “It will be months before you actually DO something, but I can see fire in your eyes, we have had students with the same fire, they accomplished what takes months in just weeks.” “The fire you have within you is valuable you shouldn’t waste a gift with such power.” He gave a slight head bow to show me he was finished “What of my friends.” I said. “Well with such a gift of leader ship you should be able to teach them and besides, I believe it is more efficient to train with others you are close to.

We walked the barren wasteland that was once towering trees and dense foliage. The silence was broken when I said “Look at this disaster, examine the number of corpses, this was all because of my horrible leadership!” The man then slapped the side of my face to get my attention as he exclaimed “Look again child, examine how many of those corpses are the enemies, why can’t you see your victory, there are not many who can lead a battle with such outstanding results” In a low and slightly trembling voice I said “Thank you sir… please forgive me.” We began walking towards a prairie untouched by the enemy. I noticed I small cavern. The man jumped down and signaled me to come with him. The cavern was filled with men and women training in various ways. I was amazed at their skills. “You will become a warrior like the men and women standing before you today. “I am ready,” I replied. “Do what you must to me for I accept your knowledge with open arms.” “First you must be prepared to accept, tell your family that you will be leaving but do not tell them why for if you do not return they will be ready.”

I rode a horse they gave me to my only living relative father. “Father I must leave from the Island for a couple of months.” “Hmm… I knew you would tell me sooner or later, the same thing happened to me, I understand completely. Just some words of advice, always ride into the storm.” As I rode my horse back I began pondering what my father had said. “Ride into the storm? Maybe he said that so I would remember to keep my visibility low or maybe to stay in areas that are less traveled. Whatever he said I suppose I should follow out of respect.” The man walked up to me. “Are you ready?” “Yes Master.” I replied. “You shall make a fine assassin, to do this you must be quick strong and agile, all of you targets will be for the good of man-kind. Lets go, we have much work and training to accomplish before your first mission.” “I am yours to command sir.”

Chapter 4

“Ride into the storm,” those words kept repeating themselves, I couldn’t forget them nor did I what to forget them. I felt unsure of my training. My muscles aced from the strength training, my legs quivered for the speed I had to achieve and my soul felt lost in a dark abyss. I continued to sink lower and lower as the enemy fortress came into sight. “How could a child perform an assassination,” I said to myself. The blade at my side screeched. “Was this normal” I said to myself I halted my horse and began to walk through a line of guards until I was pushed into the dust. “No one is let in without authorization.” I brushed myself off and examined the surrounding terrain. “I guess I could fight my way through the guards, hmm… The wall looks easy to climb, I should try that. I got a strong grip on the stones and began climbing. My muscles ached from my training but I had to go on. I peeked my head over the wall to see a patrolling guard. I began to approach him slowly. I felt like my heart was beating load enough for him to hear me. In an instant I kicked his legs down and held my blade to his throat. “Hello there” I said. “I knew it, I tried to tell the other guards but they wouldn’t listen to me, I hope you rot in hell!” “Well I won’t be going there anytime soon but I could speed up your trip I you would like, and besides I just want to know where the guard captain is.” “I would never betray my brotherhood… kill me!” I felt my hand quiver but I knew what I had to do, it was a small price to pay to free these people. I swiftly sunk my blade into his throat. “Great, now I don’t have anywhere to start.” I saw a figure in the corner say, “I could help you with that, there is a man who wanders the streets right outside the markets, he wears A grey cloak and has a scared face.” The man disappeared instantly. “I guess I should check it out.” I began repelling off the wall into the city. Once I reached the ground I head towards the markets. I saw the man who I was told about. He was preaching at the side of the road. I pulled him off to the side to talk to him. “Not the guards again, just leave an old man to deal with his troubles,” He said. Don’t worry I am not a guard, I was told to find you.” “Hmm, where were you told to find me,” He replied. “On top of the city walls, He told me that you could help me.” “Yes, the man you are looking for is the guard captain, he is a coward and hides behind lines and lines of guards. There is a scheduled meeting tomorrow. His guards are strong but not impenetrable. If you killed the archers before you strike you could make a clean escape. When you have killed all of the archers you will need to hide in the crowd until he is caught off guard.” “Thank you but why are you giving me this information?” The man replied, “Because my son is going to be there, I told him not to work for him but he ignored me. The reason for the meeting is so he can kill one of his assets to show his power, he has done this many times to my family.” “I see, blood for blood… don’t worry, I will see to that he is dead.”

I slept on the streets that night. When I saw the sun rise I began to make my move. I heard the cheering in the background getting louder with every step. I could finally see my target in the distance. He began his speech while I dispatched the archers. “Today we have traders in our walls, the men and women you see in agony before us are guilty of mutiny and deserve to pay the price.” I saw a man from the crowd step up and say “I disagree! I heard of your evil plans and they will not happen! All of you sit in the crowd and wait and wish for the better, but it will never come because you do not take action. If you won’t… then I will. He drew a sword and charged but an archer stop him before he could get close. I killed the final archer as the man died. The guard captain was becoming nervous and said “Archers, kill the crowd they cannot be trusted.” The gates closed but no one fired. A guard approached the captain and said all of the archers are dead!” “Well then guards, kill the crowd. The guards broke their formation, this was my chance. I ran through the crowd and as quickly as I could. When I reached the end shoved a guard out of the way and jumped over the table that the captain was speaking at. In mid air a jammed my blade into his chest; A silence blew over the crowd. The guards turned their attention towards me. “What have I gotten myself into?”

Chapter 5

I gazed at their numbers in awe. They all drew their swords and began to laugh at me. “This is the boy responsible for the death of our leader? You might want to go back home before you get a cut.” “Listen, I said. Your master tricked you into serving him, why would you want to help a man who killed your own kind, don’t you think that his successor will do the same! Leave his grasp, or you will perish by his sword.” The battalion leader stepped up to me. “We are loyal to our master and you will rot in hell for those words.” I replied “I killed the last man who spoke those words.” He paused for a minute and said, “You are a bold child… but you will die by the teachings of your elders!” He lunged at me and threw relentless flurries of attacks. I blocked and countered his attacks until I saw my opening. I stepped on his knee and bent in backwards. He fell to the ground in a scream of agony. “Kill him!” I readied myself as they circled me. I they individually threw attacks at me, only to be stopped by a counter and then a kill. Archers from another section of the settlement drew there arrows. “I need to get out of here!” I crossed my arms around my face and burst through the circle. I ran as fast as I could. I took cover behind a crate. I looked up and saw a wall I could climb. A guard caught up with me and pulled his arm back to swing his sword, “Die Murderer.” I barely jumped over his blade and climbed up the wall. I jumped from roof to roof panting. My muscles were stiffening from fatigue; I couldn’t last much longer. I reached the stables and hid in the hay. “Where did he go, check the crates, walls, buildings, and the hay!” A guard approached the pile I was hiding in. As soon as he put his face down to check I jumped out and thrust by blade though his forehead. I jumped on one of the horses and rode. They chased me through the desert with their blades drawn. A crowed of angry villagers outside the walls stormed out of their houses. “Wait… storm… that’s it!” I jumped off my horse and ran behind a building. I came out in a group of villagers. Men were tossing the villagers around like rag dolls. I saw one man thrust his blade down a villager’s throat. I made my way to him slowly, scoping out the surroundings. If I was quick I could kill hill and go across the bridge to my left. It looked weak; a well placed arrow could cut the ropes on the bottom. I was behind him; I didn’t know what I was doing. Why couldn’t I just leave? I was only making my job harder. These questions kept coming up but I knew he deserved it. I turned him around and did the same he did to the villager. “Justice is at hand you maggot!” Everyone turned and looked at me with wide eyes. The crowd then looked at the guards and linked arms, “If you want him, you will need to go through us!” The guard ignored them and tried to break through their lines. Finally they broke their formation and guards seemed to pour out of nowhere. By then I was on the other side. I waited for the villagers to get some distance from the guards. I took the bow from the guard I had killed and covered his arrows with dried grass. I lit them ablaze and shot the weak point in the bridge. Seconds before their deaths, one guard cut the edge of my robe and then fell to his death. “I… I killed them… all of them, was it worth it, can there even be an excuse for so much people?” “I should go back to the head quarters.” I walked into the sunset with adrenaline still pumping through my veins. I let out a sigh of relief and fixed my eyes to the north. “I hope it was worth it.”