Dead Koopas Chest

At the Mushroom Kingdom army camp.

Alright then I shall give you $20 hey said Larry the Koopa. Yep you sure do I beat you in Picture poker last night said Henry the Goomba while they were at the canteen eating soup. Okay now you have been having HEEEAPS of training today said George the Toad so which means you are ready for our morning run and after that we are on search for some Skulls like we are in real war said George the Toad. Yep that’s so cool I mean parachuting is fun but the push ups ain’t said the Rookie Toad.

Morning at Sqaure Forest:
ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS said the Rookie as he was drinking Mepsi Max before jumping? George looks at the can…DON’T WORRY THERE’S NO SUGAR. Then the Rookie was pushed by George and fell and was screaming from the height. ALRIGHT HENRY YOUR TURN said the Lt.

Meanwhile as they all landed down to saftey at the Sqaure Forest:
Alright then were all here now so there are 20 of us here so we will pair up 2 to run around the Forest to find the Skulls alright that is your current objective now GO GO GO screaming the Lt.
Meanwhile about 4 hrs later.
Oh cool look at this there are the skulls we are looking for said the Rookie! Oh yeah how cool’s that well then……what on earth is that said George???
They both look and behind the skulls was a chest…
Alright I will go and open it said George as he goes near it and there was a key hole to open the chest.
What on earth can be in it said the Rookie? Not sure but you and I shall figure this out and find the key to it, lets go Ben said George who called the Rookie Ben which that was his name and was a Toad also.

Meanwhile at the two Famous nintendo Stars:
Mario had just been woken up by a rooster from somewhere and Luigi comes in there bedroom with breakfest.
BREAKFEST Mario screams Luigi. Hmmm smells good said Mario as he just had to go to the bathroom to do the Usual.
As Luigi picked up a cup and poured orange juice it it and started eating the Pooridge he was looking out the window with the birds flying out everywhere. Okay nice and refreshed now said Mario as Luigi was not there anymore. Err… Luigi whispers Mario as he goes to the living room he can see the door was left open and the leaves came inside.

Meanwhile Mario was just watching Tv when Luigi STILL did not return from his dissapearence couple of hours ago. This is some real starge things going on I mean Luigi is not here and Im here and like what…it’s weird where did he go said Mario. Meanwhile Mario went walking when he saw a market on sale somewhere.
Hmmm cool a market Luigi might be there said Mario as he walks to the market. Mario can see a person with a hood and he was pointing at him while he was having a drink. hEY Mr mAn coMe ovEr HerE said the mysterious person. Mario squeezes the can and throws it to a bin unknown and a little Toad kid was jumping with joy.

Do I know you mr said Mario??? No bUT Im giVinG YoU a cHAncE tO BuY ThiS kEY said the hooded man. oh and what does it unlock and how much is it said Mario??? JUst a fEw doLLaRs said the hooded man. Mario gave him 10 5 coins and then as he turns around to see if the hooded man was still there he dissapears and Mario was shocked and already into thin smoke. What said Mario confused…as he keeps walking he can see a man in green clothes going to the Public Toilets and it was Luigi. Mario puts the key away to think what it is later and goes after Luigi quickly. Mario stops running and goes into the Toilets and he finds Luigi going into a cubicle and begins talking. Mario was spinning like crazy what was happening today. He leans on the Toilet door and hears them speak. SO Im glAd yOu cAmE afTeR mE said the hooded man again. Yeah why were you spying on me said Luigi I was having breakfast. And your face really scared me cause weren’t you the guy from Mario Power Tennis when your mask fell said Luigi?? Yes tHAt’s mE said…Shy Guy taking off his whole hood and he gets out his mask and Luigi was screaming and leaned on the door and made Mario bounce off the door and falls and thinks to himself. What does he look like really said Mario in his head? PLeAse kEep yoUR VoICe dOWn sO NoBodY cAN HeaR uS said Shy Guy okay sorry it’s just your face it’s so weird anyway What do you want from me said Luigi??? Mario punches his hands to think what Shy Guy looks like.

Well I have sold Mario a key so you and him go to Sqaure Forest to unlock Dead Koopas Chest said Shy Guy speaking normally now. Oh and umm what’s inside this chest said Luigi?? Shy Guy whispers to Luigi’s ear……………!!…Ar huh…???!?!………..OH said Luigi well that’s unusual how can he manage to use something like that to be powerful said Luigi. Well they seem to think he was some kind of God to the villages but now they don’t exeist it was a million years ago and some say it was myth said Shy Guy. And to be onest his name was Robbie Koopa and he was looking after that chest for the rest of his life said Shy Guy cause back then Sqaure forest used to be a Sqaure Island he died of hunger after a tragic accident said Shy Guy and he used it again to to save himself but unfortunentley…it didn’t do a thing he just manged to live for a extra 10 minutes but it was stupid…and died. Hmm well then…when do you want us to find this thing and why said Luigi? Well for your sakes just to be more popular and like …I don’t know…get pizza or be more famous like I don’t know…have a great statue of you and Mario after finding the chest said Shy Guy cause…Im the only good guy just want you guys to be more famous said Shy Guy. Luigi smiles and he opened the door and then Mario was leaning on the door and fell on the ground. Mario what are you doing here said Luigi? Ummm. just needed to go to the Toilet said Mario.

Alright then Luigi Shy Guy now since I found out gave me this old key to open up…that Robbie Koopas chest said Mario which is well I don’t know do you know what it is Luigi said Mario cause he is a pirate right said Mario? Yeah and inside the chest is… then someone bumped to Luigi and kept running and stole his wallet it was a bandit Guy.
OI screamed Luigi and he went after him as Mario started to chasing him aswell as Luigi then tackled the Bandit and punched him. Fool said Luigi getting his wallet back. Now ummm Mario we better go home cause this Sqaure Forest might be on the Mushroom Kingdom map said Luigi.

Alright hey look there’s a market said George as George and Ben were both running there. You know they might even have some kinder key even said George. Perhaps but you know there are these two called Mario and Luigi maybe they might even find the chest said Ben? No no way that’s inpossible I mean HOW they can’t find out for nothing look forget about the Key we’ll smash it open c’mon Ben said George as they go back to the Sqaure Forest.

Meanwhile at Mario’s house:
Okay said Mario as he pours himself and Luigi a cup of coffee. So you want to go on a search for this…Dead Koopas chest said Mario having a sip as he has tears from his eyes as the coffee was really hot? Yeah it will be fun we went to Bowser’s club before remember said Luigi? Yeah but why there’s no need what’s the reason so our population can grow bigger huh said Mario taking another sip? Yeah man look at this map we are here and the forest is like only 13 miles from here there’s no way in exept going parachuting or going under the mines and and begin out walk there said Luigi showing Mario the map location. Alright fine we’ll go said Mario when he drank all of his coffee. Are you going to drink that said Mario? Na you have it said Luigi. Mario drinks the coffee.

The next day:
Mario have you seen my backpac said Luigi? Yeah I have said Mario.
They now get out onto the road.
Alright now we have just left the Mushroom Kingdom now we kust get near a Army camp place said Luigi looking at the map.
Okay then we walk there said Mario.
Hey there are Mario and Luigi lets follow them they might even be visiting our camp said Ben. Maybe lets follow them said George.
Oi listen I think that camp might even lead to the mining place said Luigi. Oh yeah lets go we need to sneak then said Mario.

Mario and Luigi had just dug a hole and put on some of the invisible caps avoiding being seen.
Were out the camp now we follow the trail to the mining place said Luigi.
HEEEY I TOLD YOU TO DO THE 75 PUSH UPS NOT 55 77 screamed the Lt.
Alright I’ll try again said Pvt Henry.
DAMN RIGHT YOU WILL YOU PRUME BRAIN. Okay then that was ONE wild obsticle course said John the Goomba.
Oh man that war when we had to interupt the war between Sarrasalnd and Bean bean kingdom when Sarrasaland won anyway and the United Mushroom Nations had been real jobs up there sleaves our Lt said WHENEVER a another breaks out it will be 10 times harder so we get prepared said Roger the Toad. Yeah has anyone heard of the Dead Koopas chest said Jamie the Koopas? Yeah I heard the Mario Bros are on search said Barry the Goomba. I reckon it’s a load of mushies said Bob the yellow Yoshi. HEEEY I NEVER TOLD YOU GUYS TO SPEAK BACK TO SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP screamed the Lt.

Back to Mario & Luigi:
Okay they never saw us and there’s a sign the Mine is only another 2 miles lets go said Luigi leading the way.
Hmmm they seem to be going into the Sqaure forest cause that’s the only way in I mean they either need a plane to land and land off so really I think…there going to Sqaure Forest but why said George??? Ben looks at George and knows why?
Here we are the mine now there’s a little mine kart over there we need to get on it and I will do the up and down job first alright said Luigi.

The next day:
Ouch my arms are really killing after last night said Mario as he looks and there a hole but can smell the trees nder them and noticed something? Hey look there’s a root from a treee cool so lets dig there said Luigi and where a shovel can you see it anywhere said Luigi? Here heres a pic I’ll give you a boost so you can reach to ceiling for the root okay said Mario. After Luigi and Mario had found themselves in the mystical Sqaure Forest.

Okay now we just need to find ourselves to the real chest said Mario cause I have the key said Mario hehe.
Yeah give it to me I’ll give it a nice clean and shall have a nice shiny look said Luigi like the Ice key from Banjo Kazooie said Luigi. Yeah well you do that as they find themselves to a large Tree garden.
Look at this some sort of tree garden I think it’s time we umm…look now there a vines said Mario hmmm I can go for a short cut said Mario.

WHIEEEEEEE screamed Mario as he kept swinging vine to vine like Tarzan as Luigi he had a little trouble but Mario had him covered thoe. Then all vines broke lose and they fell the way down and landed rigt next to a rock.
Ouch that hurt said Luigi getting up as a large Bible book comes and hits him on the head. OUCH screamed Luigi but this book is so new I better keep it said Luigi putting it on his back. LOOK THE CHEST said Mario with his large finger pointing it. YAY we found it and his skull is in the center and it seems to be painted red and must mean that Robbie Koopas must of been the red coloured skull said Luigi. And look at this there are other ones around it said Mario, it must be his minions aswell heh cool. Well then lets unlovk it then said Luigi. Mario grabs the key and was just about to unlock it.

HEY screamed George the toad to Mario and Luigi. Who on earth are you nitwits said Luigi? US we want the chest so give it to us or I’ll belt you both said George as Ben was running to surround the other pathway with a twig. Hey bozer you want trouble as Mario walks to George as he sees that Mario was carriying a key to unlock the chest. George then charges at Mario and tackles him to the ground as Mario had the key in his hand and lost it.Then Ben comes and jumps on Luigi.
Get off I don’t like hurting people NOOOOW screamed Luigi? Hehehehehehe……no as he covers Luigi’s eyes and Luigi crashes him to a tree and Ben loses grip and Luigi bends over and Ben falls down as Luigi then karate chops in and knocked him out. Don’t mess with the green man said Luigi as he makes a firebolt.
As for the others Mario had punched George twice as he was on top of him and managed to give him a headlock right now. C’mon you want to fight don’t you said Mario as George punched him behind and Mario comes and George kicks him away and falls. Lets get this over with fat man. Listen I have no time for bums like you untill you REALLY want to fight said Mario. Yeah man C’MON said George as he was REAL pumped. Mario makes a fireball and launches one and hits George and was smashed to a tree and was knocked out.
Fight me and you will fight the ground said Mario wiping his hands.

As Mario and Luigi both finsihed there fights Mario grabs the key blows it clean again and unlocks the dead Koopas chest till inside was a unepected thing which was……….a……….supershroom.
A Supershroom…I don’r get it said Mario A SUPERSHROOM NOOOOOOOOOOOO screamed Mario with full anger.
As George and Ben both woke up with both black eyes they see that it was some stupid treasure by the look of it.
Is that all it is as they go to Mario and Luigi.
You know you can have it said Mario as he goes home. Mario just…well anyway why were you 2 following us anyway said Luigi? Well just wanted to see what was really in that chest but it went out of control and all it was a half eaten Supershroom said George and he must of eaten it to stay alive but it was just a ordinary supershroom from the shops well then atleast we’ll take and sell it for the shops IF we get anything will you let us take it said George?? Yeah go go ahead we just wanted a good adventure said Luigi.

HEEEY guys look what I found a roadpath to Mushroom Kingdom said Mario running home. Oh well there you go said Luigi, looks like it was not fully detailed this forest hehe well anyway im off said Luigi. Cool lets go said Ben and see what we get said George.

Meanwhile at Mario’s house:
Well then that…was a wrap with a supershroom ending heh laughs Luigi. Yeah well maybe this Key might be worth money cause I think Shy Guy stole it and disguised it to look old and worthless but look what it really looks like said Mario. Well anyway I’ll order a pizza.

Meanwhile at the Mushroom Kindgdom Trade center:
We found this half eaten supershroom from the old Robbie Koopa’s chest is it worth anything said George while they both cross there fingers???
The old Toad looks at it and was nodding no as he looks at them. Sorry fellows but this would of cost 5000 coins if it was a full version of a supershroom from the FAMOUS Robbie Koopa but since it’s only half you guys get only 2500 coins so what do you say said the old Toad man?? 2500 coins YEEES WE’LL TAKE IT MATE FOR SURE.