Crown Sabotage

Part 1: Creynolds

One day, in Bowser’s castle, Bowser sat with Kamek, plotting their next scheme. “Those fools!” Bowser exclaimed “I can’t believe the invited me to Peach’s new crowning ceremony!” “Yeah, but how are you going to get Peach this time?” questioned Kamek. “Simple,” said Bowser “We just need a little sabotage,” “I’m still not getting this sir,” said Kamek. “Well then sit tight and watch my plan unfold,” said Bowser, then, through a microphone, he called “Send out the Toad droid with the warp crown,” Then he sat back and ordered a bowl of pasta. Meanwhile outside the castle’s banquet hall, Toad was shining Peach’s new crown for the ceremony. Then, the Toad droid shot some sleeping gas at Toad afterwards, it entered the ceremony with the fake crown. The droid rolled down the banquet hall and up to Peach’s seat. Then it plopped the crown right on her head! The crown then opened up a wormhole and sucked Peach in! “PEACH!” cried Mario and Luigi at the same time. They ran out the door and on their way to Bowser’s castle. They arrived to see Bowser standing on a giant piranha plant with Peach (and a half eaten bowl of pasta) in his clutches. “Mario Bros. meet Naval Piranha” Bowser said. “Peach and I are going on a little vacation and he’s going to be our tour guide. Then they hopped in Naval Piranha’s mouth and he slipped into the ground. “They’re going to Dankin Island,” said Toadsworth, who had just huffed over there. “You can take Toad’s speedboat,” Toadsworth suggested. “Lets-a-go!” said Mario, and with Luigi reluctantly following the Mario Bros. set out on an other famous adventure.