Cross-Dressing Koopa

Bowser listened angrily to a briefing by one of his koopa troopas. “Eh…Sir. It seems that even though we fought very bravely, we have lost. They recognized us as koopas and we didn’t get the ticket you wished for to the Mushroom Ball.”

Bowser leaned down to him. “You good-for-nothing idiot! All I wanted was a ticket. Those mushroom people are prejudice, that’s what it is.”

Kamek stepped forward, “May I make a suggestion, Sire.”

Bowser rolled his eyes. “I have a feeling you’re going to do just that even if I say no.”

Kamek ignored him, “Maybe we could employ Changling’s help.”

Bowser’s turned around, “That goof. He’s worthless. He failed last time.”

Kamek brought up a finger, “Ah, but this time you’ll be on the mission. He’ll turn you into a lovely princess and…”

Bowser screamed, “What in the fungus! I’m too brawny and handsome to be a princess. Even he couldn’t make me a dainty little princess.”

Kamek sighed, and gave the nearby Changling a hand motion. In the blink of an eye Bowser was turned into a duplicate of Peach, except for a velvety black dress and shiny black hair. Kamek gasped.

Bowser giggled with his new voice. “What an excellent job. I’m soooo pretty.” He twirled around. “And looky here. It’s velvet. Mario will be head-over-heels when he meets me. The unknowing fool will fall into my trap.” Bowser noticed the gasping Kamek. “You idiot. Stop staring. We’ve got to make it to the ball.”

The briefing guard stepped into the room again, laying his eyes on Bowser. He took his hand and kissed it. “And who is this. Might you go out with me.”

Bowser knocked him over the head, sending him flying through a wall. “Idiot. It’s me.” He spotted Kamek. “I’ll need a mushroom slave. Changling, you know what to do.”

Kamek screamed, “No, Sire. Please!”

Mario was still lonely, since Luigi was gone. He sat in his pipe house, desperately wishing for someone to talk to. Then, he heard people coming down the road.

Bowser turned to Kamek. “This dress is too tight. How does the Princess stand this thing?” He spotted Kamek with his silly mushroom head. “Ha! Let me see that hat.” With a loud RIP!, it came off.

“OWWWWW! That wasn’t a hat.”

Bowser giggled, “Ooops. Sorry. We’ll tape it back on.”

Mario gazed in wonder as a darker version of Peach and a mushroom with tape around his head stepped in. “Well, I’m Princess…uh…Bowrina from far away. My slave and I have come to participate in your Mushroom Ball.” He threw his hand on his head. “Sadly, I haven’t a dancing partner.”

Mario smiled, “I’m sure Peach wouldn’t mind if I took you.” Mario took his hands.

“Watch where your putting those hands, you slimy little…OWW! I mean, how nice of you.” Kamek had kicked him in the knees.

Mario looked at the clock. “Well, let’s get going.”

Everyone was at the party. People from Moleville, Nimbus Land, and all over enjoyed the festivities. Kamek wasn’t though. A rather large female mushroom scooped him up in her big arms. “Well, sweety. Your gonna’ dance with me.”

Kamek squeaked as the larger mushroom smothered him in kisses, “Help!”

Bowser was dancing with Mario. “My, you are an exquisite dancer. Ow! You clumsy oaf. That was my toe. I mean, Hehheh.”

Mario liked the weird princess, but he longed to dance with Peach, who was talking with some moles. Suddenly, the music turned into a faster song. Everybody started to rock.

Kamek’s partner swung him around her like a fan blade. “Please, somebody. Help!”

Bowser, during all the commotion, knew it was time to kill Mario. He brought out a knife. “Now, it’s over…”

Kamek’s partner accidentally let go, and Kamek flew into Bowser, knocking them both out the second-story window and into a fire blazing below. Screams were heard as the strange pair dashed northward. Peach calmed everything down. “Not to worry. Everyone, continue dancing.” Mario and Peach danced the night away.

Back at the castle, Kamek and Bowser, now back to their true selves, treated their burns with water and aloe. “Eeew, I hate Mario.”

Suddenly, a goomba rushed in. “Guess what. Changling changed me into a large female mushroom and I won a first place ribbon. My partner ran away though with some strange women. Aren’t you proud of me?”

The poor goomba was chased through the castle, with a fire-breathing Bowser and a wand-zapping Kamek close behind him.