Creeps in the Night

Story 1

Mario and Luigi are in their house in nintendo land. Mario is having a bad dream in which he is fighting a mummy type thing. The past few nights, he has been having bad dreams, and each night the mummy has gotten closer, but this night he is actually fighting it!!

Setting: Mario’s dream

Mario: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not the mushroom kingdom!!!
Mummy: Yes.. YES!!! MWAHAHA! And now, little red mon, I will conquer all of nintendo land and-
Toadsworth: That is quite enough!!
Toadsworth comes out ina full suit of armor and a beautiful claymore.
Mario: Have you been working out?
Toadsworth: Called Jenny.
Mario: Ok. Continue.
Toadsworth: Uh… Where was I… oh yeah! I’ll finish you off, mummy!
Mummy: Yo mummy is so fat she’s illeagle! Wait… I mean… She uh… conquered the mediteranian…. I mean. OH!
Toadsworth slashes right through him!!!
Mummy: No! I’ll be back!

Setting: Mario and Luigi’s bedroom.

Mario wakes up.
Luigi wakes up
Luigi: Whats going on?
Mario: I’ll tell you later. Let’s go check on Peach.
Story 2

Setting: Mushroom Kingdom

Mario: Oh phew.
Luigi: What?
Mario: Tell you later I said!!
Luigi: Sorry. Geeza Luiga

Setting: Peach’s castle

Peach: Oh, hi Mario.
Mario: Wheres Frankly and Toadsworth??
Peach: Well, they’re-
Mario: Toadsworth! I found you!
Toadsworth: Why hello Mario.
Mario: Page Frankly,Yoshi,DK, and Toad. We’ve gotta real problem. Meet me in the long table room.
Mario,Luigi,Toadsworth,Professer Frankly, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Toad all sit in the long table room.
Mario: And that’s what happened.
Toadsworth: Now let me get this straight, I actually bothered to call Jenny Craig.
Frankly: And a mummy came. Those descriptions… come to the lab, everyone!!!

Setting: At the lab

Mario: He’s returning???
Frankly: Aye. Here’s an artist’s drawing.
Luigi: I’m guessing he’s staying at Bowser’s lair.
Mario: or Wart.
Frankly: He may have built his own.
Yoshi’s cell rings.
Yoshi: Yosh yosh yosh.
His eyes widen.
Yoshi: Yoshi island is being attacked!!!
D.K.: Oh c’mon. They can eat everything. They’ll be fine.
Yoshi’s cell phone rings again
Yoshi: Yosh? YOSH????
He hangs up.
Yoshi: And they can’t eat him!
Everybody pauses for a minute.
Mario: Let’s go save those Yoshis!!!!
Story 3

Setting: Yoshi’s island

Mario: Oh no! It’s the mummy!
Mummy: My name is Creeps. I wish to kill!
He blasts down Toadsworth and Frankly
Mario: No! They are all our smarts! Fireball! FIREBALL!
Creeps: I’m fire resistant. And now, I build my fortress!
A giant tower comes up out of the ground. All the yoshi’s are trapped.
Creeps: Welcome to creepy island.
Kamek: Hey! It was my goal to take over Yoshi I- WOW!
Kamek get’s suked up into the Tower.
Creeps: And now for tyhe Mushroom Kingdom!!!
Bowser: GRRRRR… It’s my job to take over main islands! Fire breath!
Creeps: How many times do I have to tell you people, I’M FIRE RESISTANT!
Bowser get’s suked up.
Creeps: Bye.
He goes to the Mushroom Kingdom.
Mario: We gotta stoppem!
Luigi: Look, a shy guy boat!
Yoshi eats the shy guy, but then get’s suked into the otwer.
Mario: Oh no! He’s so light, we lost a comrad!
Frankly and Toadsworth are sucked, too.
D.K.: It’s up to us fou-
Toad get’s suked up.
D.K.: uh… three! I’ll hold you guys so you don’t get sucked!
They get on the boat and sail to the mainland, where Creeps is destroying the mushroom kingdom.
Story 4

Setting: Broken down mushroom kingdom.

Luigi: It can’t be!!
D.K.: The castle… it’s in ruins!
Mario: Oh no. Peach. Peach??? Hello? Where are you???
An injured Toad walks up to them.
Toad: Why, you guys are completly unharmed…. I’m sorry to say it… but…
Mario: Lemme guess. Peach is captured.
Toad: But by who is the question.
Luigi: Creeps is the only villan left besides Wart and the Boos.
They here screaming from Yoshi’s island.
King Boo: It’s worse than the polturgust 3,000!!!
Wart: Help! I’m being sucked up by a giant tower!!!!
D.K.: … It’s Creeps. Guaranteed.
Toad: But what do we do??? We have no stronghold and only the 4 of us are consies.
Luigi: I have a plan! Let’s use the bad guys fortresses!!!
Mario: Yea!!!
Toad: Ok. But, we don’t have a boat.
Mario: Actually….

Setting: Bowser Island

Toad: Nice! We’ll be safe here! Creeps is afraid of Dragon’s sharp teeth and this carving of Bowser on the castle looks like it has pretty sharp teeth to me!!!
Mario: Let’s-a go inside.

Setting: Bowser’s Castle

Theey look around. Luigi, D.K., and Toad go into one room while Mario examines another.
Luigi: It has nice, hard stone.
Toad: Flawless!
D.K.: Except no electricity.
Mario: Hey guys! I found a switch!!
Luigi: All right! Heat! lights! computer!
D.K.: Game cube! look at that hot monkey and that freaky mushroom guy.
D.K.: Hey guys! I think it’s us! Uh-Oh… it is us… sorry toad…
Mario: Enough dilly dally, Let’s get these computers going and find the evil Creeps!!
Mario looks on a computer. Luigi looks on a radar. D.K. looks on the T.V. while Toad continues to search around the castle.
Mario: Nottin’
Luigi: Nope.
D.K.: It’s an educational program… I LOVE YOU BARNEY!!! But no.
Toad: I found the kitchen!!!
Mario: All-a right! Let’s make some-a pizza!
Luigi: Extra sauce!
Toad: Extra cheese!
D.K.: Extra banana!!
Mario: That all sounds extra good!!!
Story 5

Setting: Creeps lair.

Creeps: Soon I will forge an army using the souls of these monsters! Are any of you bad and want to kill Mario??
Bowser: Me!
King Boo: Me!
Wart: Definately me!
Boos: Us!!! US!!
Creeps: That’s all I need and I think all you have!! C’mon. Let’s make the plans!!!

Setting: Bowser’s castle!!

Toad: … so heres the lava pool. And here is the garden of pirhana plants! Oh! Here is the Dancing room! Here is the bathrrom! Heres the prison! Heres the lava pool!
Luigi: We already saw that.
Toad: This is the indoor lava pool. The other one was outdoor. Heres his army. Heres the laundry ro- Army?
D.K.: May I make a suggestion. You guys get on my back and I’ll RUN!!!
Everybody climbs on D.K.’s back. D.K. Speeds back to the boat where they quickly sail away.
Mario: I hope wart has a castle.
Luigi accidently drops his oar.
Luigi: Oh, Caviar!
A cheep cheep comes up and lays his eggs.
Mario: You were saying?
Luigi: Sorry guys. I hope we drift somewhere.
Story 6

Setting: On the boat in the Warty sea.

D.K.: I see Wart’s castle! *slips* wow!
Luigi: I’ll pull him out with the other oar!
D.K. holds on desperatly to the oar. It snaps and he is sent in the direction of warts castle.
D.K.: I’ll pull you guys!

Setting: Wart’s castle.

Mario: Those hammer bros look hard to beat.
Luigi: I beat there are 1 million Birdos in there!!
A lightning bolt strikes from above, destroying Wart’s castle.
Toad: It’s a flying mummy!
Luigi: I never knew Creeps could fly!!!
Toad: Who?
D.K.: Explain later! Attack now! SUPER PUNCH!
Creeps: Are you trying to write a knew Character battle? Because I’m gonna send you home with no memory of this. Hee-HA!
D.K. is teleported somewhere.
Luigi: Our strongest man!
Mario: Super jump punch!
Creeps easily dodges.
Creeps: This will be your darkest Hour! I’m going to bite your friends and change the world! I will be king!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWA HA HA HA!!!!
Toad: No!
Creeps: Lighting lazer!
The toad is gone.
Mario: You can’t finish off both Mario bros!
Creeps: Oh, but I can!
Bowser, King Boo, Wart, and all the Boos appear!
Kamek suddenly appears.
Kamek: What? I’m not good enough for ya, huh? Watch this spell!
Kamek get’s rid of all the boos.
King Boo: My men and one girl!!! NO!
Mario: Yeah! Take-a that!
Kamek: I may have hated you when you were babies, but I’ve gotten older too, and I’ve learned not to hate people even though Nintendo wrote it that way! I’m on your side, Big Red and little green!
Luigi: Unlike you, bone heads!
Boo: I’m all head. Do I look like Dry bones to you?? Fine! I put the centipede in your lunchbox bowser, not Ganondorf!!
Bowser: You mean in second? I threw him of the slide! You did that! I got kicked out of evil school!!!
Mario: We’re going to-a finish you off!
Story 7

Setting: Wart’s castle ruins.

Wart: Hey! Wait a minute! My castle! You destroyed it, stupid mummy! I’m with the bros!
Bowser: Sorry, dude.
Creeps: Oh come on! Oh well, I’m immortal anyway.BRING IT ON!
Bowser: Claw scratch! Oh yeah, to pass the time in that cage I cut my fingernails. I have no attacks. Sorry, M.
Wart: Grrrr!!! *sob,sob* *cry* my castle!!
King boo: Why am I always forgotten. I’m leaving to go find my boos!
Creeps: IMMUNE!
Kamek: FIRE!
Kamek: Mario, Luigi, it’s up to you. Sorry I couldn’t HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!
Mario: He sent Kamek flying.
Luigi: Once again, it’s just you and me.
Mario: Super jump punch!
Luigi: Super jump punch!
Creeps: Dodge. Dodge. Please. Super kick!
Mario: Oomph! Hey! That’s-a not nice! Luigi, there are no attacks that I have. Don’t have like, missile launcher or something.
Luigi: Green missile!!
Creeps: Dah! That hurt! I mean, tickled!
Luigi: I also have another move you don’t have. THUNDERHAND!!!!!
Creeps falls down.
Bowser: Hey, Wart. LOOK!
Wart: *stops crying* What? *sniffles*
Bowser: He looks different on the ground.
Wart: Is that… *tears dry* the geek? Butch Butchem? HA HA HA!
King Boo: *appears* Do my ears and eyes deceve me, or is that him???
Kamek: *comes back, wounded* HA HA HA HA HA HA! It’s so funny! It’s the geek!
Mario: Geek? Ha!
Luigi: Hoo hoo hoo! HA!
Creeps’ white mummy stuff unravels and he’s a dog wearing a dress.
King Boo: Look, guys! He’s wearing that dress he wore the fist time he came to school! HA!
Kamek: He thought it was a shirt!!!
After they somehow stopped laughting, they freed everybody, put Creeps in jail, rebuilt all the castles, destroyed Creeps’ tower, and agreed to be friends ever after. Well, at least until the next game comes out!!

The End!!! Thank you for reading my stories! I also wrote “Mario’s Guild”