The Games

Mario Party Review

Graphics – 8/10 The graphics could’ve been better but were still good. Anyway not that many people care about grapics more then gameplay. But the reason for me to give the graphics an 8/10 is because they wern’t impressive neither were they dull, so lets just say they were right at the level of capability… Read more »

Mario Kart Wii Review

Platform: Wii Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo ESRB: Everyone Rating: 8.0 Well this time around, I am proud to say that I had the chance to review Mario Kart Wii. How is this possible you ask? Well I had an early copy. I would not like to say any more. With the effort I have put… Read more »

Mario Kart DS Review

Mario Kart’s pedigree is long and on the whole entirely successful. The game has been on the SNES, the N64, the GBA, the Gamecube, and now the DS. While the fundamental gameplay hasn’t substantially changed, the purity of the design, the simplicity of the controls, and the personable nature of the game’s graphical presentation combine… Read more »

Mario is Missing Review

Out of all the Mario games, Mario is Missing has to be the worst. You start out as Luigy inside some castle. There is a selection of doors. You choose wich one you want to go into, and it takes you to citys with real people. Most of the game your just talking to people,… Read more »

Luigi’s Mansion Review

Many people were likely suprised just by the very idea and title of this game. Never before had a game actually starred Luigi all by himself. Well, let’s take a look. The game stars our favorite, green-themed underdog, Luigi Mario. It seems our old pal Luigi has made his debut on the Gamecube, along with… Read more »

Donkey Kong Review

Ah, Donkey Kong, this is the game that started it all. When I first played this game in an arcade I loved it. I was camping and there was a few archade machines in the store. I played for a long time (and spent a lot of money!), but it got old. The goal of… Read more »

Game and Watch Gallery 4 Review

Game and Watch Gallery 4 (GBA) Review By Mr.Nose Game and Watch Gallery 4 was released in 2002 for the GBA, compiling 6 of the most popular Game and Watch handhelds (Fire, Boxing, Rain Shower, Mario’s Cement Factory, Donkey Kong Jr., and Donkey Kong 3). Each game can be played in either Classic mode; appearing… Read more »

DDR: Mario Mix Review

Graphics 7/10: Average. Sound 8/10: The songs are very mostly very good, but I would have liked more classic tunes from SMRPG and Yoshi’s Island. Gameplay 9/10: The actual DDR gameplay is perfect, but you must go through the horrible story mode at least once to access the songs. Long, boring, and pointless cutscenes are… Read more »

Super Mario Bros. Glitches

Minus World Minus World (level -1) is an endless water level that looks just like Level 2-2, except reaching the end brings you back to the beginning. To enter Minus World, go to the pipe at the end of level 1-2 as Super or Firey Mario. Break all but the last block above the pipe…. Read more »

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Glitches

Bobbery in Your Party Early Get Ms. Mowz before going to Keelhaul Key. Swap her with another partner, then open your inventory. Try to use an item on a character, and you’ll see Bobbery in the list replacing Ms. Mowz! (At this point in the game, Bobbery is next to join your party.) Use an… Read more »