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Super Mario Bros. 3 Review

The greatest game of all time. No game before or since could ever rival SMB3. The gameplay is genius. 2D run and jump action has never been better. In addition to mushrooms and fire flowers, SMB3 included a new item, the leaf, that lets you turn into Racoon Mario and fly for short amounts of… Read more »

Super Mario Bros. 2 Review

Four words: What was Nintendo thinking? Since they thought the real SMB2 was too hard, they took another game, pasted Mario characters in, and sold it as SMB2. The gameplay is completely different. There is only a one player mode, but at the beginning you get to choose from from four characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad,… Read more »

Super Mario Bros. Review

This is a special game. It’s a classic; the first true platformer. Strangely, one of the greatest things about this game is that it’s short. Whenever you’re bored you could pick it up for a quick game. The replay value is unbelievable. To those who’ve never played (all three of you), the goal is to… Read more »

Super Mario 64 DS Review

Sound – 10/10 Perfect sound for the DS, way better then the Game Boy Advance. The sounds for when Mario jumps, runs and punches are all the same, but way better then the Nintendo 64 as this system is portable. Graphics – 10/10 The best graphics I have ever seen on a Nintendo handheld because… Read more »

Super Mario 64 Review

This was pretty much one of my first Super Mario games I have ever been given. It’s a pretty long story but, one day I went to one of my friends house and we played this game for an hour or two and I remember setting my focus on getting a Nintendo 64 so I… Read more »

New Super Mario Bros. Review

Graphics – 10/10 They are the best that I have ever seen on a Mario Bros. Game and the Nintendo DS. Nintendo did a great job with the visuals, surpassing my expectations by a long shot. (I never watched any gameplay movies.) Sound- 10/10 Remixing the old Mario sounds to sound even better is just… Read more »

Mario Super Star Baseball Review

Sound – 9/10 The reason for me to give the sound a 9 out of 10 is because the sound was done quite well except for the fact that the announcers voice (Lakitu) gets severely annoying. But other then that one small flaw the sound in the game is done really well. Graphics – 10/10… Read more »

Mario Party 7 Review

Graphics 9/10 Pretty good for a GCN game. Not as good as SSBM, but pretty nice. Sound 10/10 The soundtracks are addictive; I can’t stop listening to the Neon Hights BGM! Gameplay 9/10 LUCKILY, it’s not the same, “Buy the star” idea. Each board has it’s own special rule. I personally like the Pyrimid Park… Read more »

Mario Party 3 Review

Graphics 10/10 – The best ever in the Mario Party series, I really like how they designed Tumble and the Miracle star. Definately deserves that perct 10 as it is one of the best games for the Nintendo 64 graphicaly speaking. Sound 8/10 – Still the same sounds from Mario Party 1 just sort of… Read more »

Mario Party Review

Graphics – 8/10 The graphics could’ve been better but were still good. Anyway not that many people care about grapics more then gameplay. But the reason for me to give the graphics an 8/10 is because they wern’t impressive neither were they dull, so lets just say they were right at the level of capability… Read more »