Glitches in games are usually thought of as bad, but finding glitches could also be a lot of fun.

Super Mario Bros. Glitches

Minus World Minus World (level -1) is an endless water level that looks just like Level 2-2, except reaching the end brings you back to the beginning. To enter Minus World, go to the pipe at the end of level 1-2 as Super or Firey Mario. Break all but the last block above the pipe…. Read more »

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Glitches

Bobbery in Your Party Early Get Ms. Mowz before going to Keelhaul Key. Swap her with another partner, then open your inventory. Try to use an item on a character, and you’ll see Bobbery in the list replacing Ms. Mowz! (At this point in the game, Bobbery is next to join your party.) Use an… Read more »

Paper Mario Glitches

On Star Road, after you fight the Embers, coins, hearts, and flowers can fall off the side. Sometimes, albeit rarely, Mario will get stuck in the “screen”, which he will fall off the top of the road to get trapped between the screen and Star Road. The only wat to get him out is to… Read more »

Super Mario Sunshine Glitches

Lost Boat Use the following glitch to get the boat on noki bay out of the boundary. First find the boat. (it is near the dock) Go full speed towards the boundary and jump off right before you hit the barrier. The boat should be out of the barrier but you can’t get it back.

Super Mario 64 Glitches

Hat factory Method 1 On snowman’s land get your hat blown off by the big snowman head. Do not pick it up, but instead go to one of the levels warps. Go across a warp and go back to where the hat is. Pick it up. You will now notice that even though your hat… Read more »