Character Battles

Cheer your favorite character on to victory! Vote for the winner in the current match on the Character Battles Forum. After one side receives enough votes, the winner will be announced along with a full description of the battle.

Yoshi vs. Tails

Yoshi: This cute little dino is fighting again, this time, to protect Toad’s Castle from Sonic’s Gang. Once again, everyone (save a certain someone) seems to be on his side. Will he win? Miles “Tails” Prower: A clever, young, two-tailed fox who’s Sonic’s best friend and is smart enough to rival Dr. Eggman’s I.Q.! He’s… Read more »

Yoshi vs. General Guy

Yoshi: He is, perhaps, the most popular Mario character in the history of Mario! And why not? He’s so cute! But he fights like the best, too! General Guy: He’s here to make up for his soldier’s loss! He is a tactics mastermind and has ben on the battlefront many times! He’s a tough one!… Read more »

Wario vs. Knuckles

Wario: Big, bad, and somewhat smelly. A few of the many words that would describe Mario’s evil counterpart and arch-rival, Wario! Be prepared for an unusual fight… Knuckles the Echidna: Sonic’s rival and eternal Guardian of the Master Emerald. He’s known for his enormous strength and treasure hunting skills! He’ll be tough to beat… Fade… Read more »

Toad vs. Shy Guy

Toad: He owns this whole castle, and he’s close friends with Eric and Smashmatt! Let’s just see how well he fights! Shy Guy: These guys are actually quite popular! Seriously, they have loads of fan support! But will that help here? Fade in, not at Toad’s Battle Arena, but inside an official of sorts. Toad… Read more »

Toadette vs. Omochao

Toadette: She seems pretty grumpy, today. She’s just as fast as Toad, and maybeeven stronger (never underestimate the power of a woman)! Who will be the co-host in her place, though? Omochao: …Wait a minute! This is that annoying toy Chao from Sonic the Hedgehog games! What’s he doing here? He certainly caught Toadette in… Read more »

Peach vs. Amy

Princess Peach: Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom! She’s here to fight the good fight, namely fighting for her servant’s castle! Does she have what it takes? Amy Rose: Sonic’s self-proclaimed girlfriend. She’s pretty fierce, especially with her Piko Piko Hammer! Will she make up for Eggman’s loss? *Camera pans to TC, were the fighters are… Read more »

Mario vs. Goomba

Mario: Mario has always been the hero and has beaten many Goombas in his time. Hopefully, this time will be no different. Goomba: This common goomba has volunteered to fight in this sample deathmatch. He’s been training to fight Mario. He might just have a chance… Toad: “Welcome to Toad’s Castle’s Character Battles! I’m your… Read more »

Mario Bros. vs. Wicked Bros.

Mario Bros: Together Mario and Luigi look impossible to beat. Wicked Bros: They may not be as strong, but have plenty of dirty tricks. Toad: Welcome to tonight’s Character Battles, where we host the Brother’s clash between the Mario Bros and Wicked Bros. Your opinion, Toadette? Toadette: Well, I believe that the Mario Bros. will… Read more »

Luigi vs. Shadow

Luigi: Mario’s brother fights in the Toad’s Castle arena again, this time to save it from the forces of evil! …I mean, Sonic’s gang. He’s up against Shadow the Hedgehog… can he win? Shadow the Hedgehog: The so-called “Ultimate Life-Form”, known for his powers of “Chaos Control”, his fierce fighting ability, and overuse of swear… Read more »

Luigi vs. Donkey Kong

Luigi: Mario’s younger brother has always secretly been one of the best fighters ever known. Now he will get to show off his stuff to everyone! Donkey Kong: Mario’s old rival now faces off against his brother! Donkey Kong has the brawn to take Luigi on! Fade into Toad’s Castle Arena with Toad and Toadette… Read more »