Fan Fiction

This page is home to any fan created work of Mario fiction. Submit a story, poem, or play. You can read and submit non-fiction works on the articles page.

Stars Full of Wishes

[Mario defeated the evil sword Mack, collected all the Power Stars, rescued the princess, and beat the sheet out of Doopliss for the third time! Will Mario find the rest of the Star Pieces?] MALLOW: I’m glad that’s over. MARIO: Let’s get going! Wait… Where will we find a Star Piece…. MARIO & MALLOW: !… Read more »

Bowser’s Club

Step by step…Into the mystical forest…step by step…seeing all those toads having fun and playing into the water…step by step…Bowser walks in to the Mushroom Kingdom stuffing the day and all toads running to there houses untill the two plumbers come. Mario and Luigi. So they fought and defeated Bowser for about say…263. Meanwhile down… Read more »

Fan Fiction: A Good Hunt Gone Bad

Chapter 1 One day, a young Yoshi named Skolar was in the Islands dense forests hunting for prey. As he was closing in on a Piranha Plant, a bright light was closing in on a meadow near him. “What was that!?” I said. I noticed that the grass was set ablaze instantly. As I began… Read more »