Fan Fiction

This page is home to any fan created work of Mario fiction. Submit a story, poem, or play. You can read and submit non-fiction works on the articles page.

Mario and the Invasion of the Licorice Sticks

Usually, the skies high above the Koopa Keep were flashing with violent lightning, but today, the day when King Koopa discovered AIM (AOL instant messenger), it was filled with sunshine. “Sire, you’ve been on that thing all day. You never pay attention to me any more. We don’t play dress-up or anything. Maybe we should… Read more »

Mario and Rosalina Save The World

One day, on the Comet Observatory, Rosalina was looking at Earth through a telescope, and saw what a mess it was! So she sent the Observatory into orbit, around Earth, then made a descent. Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, Mario was having pizza. “You know, Luigi, it sucks that the world is so polluted…” grumbled Mario. “We… Read more »

Luigi Saves The Day

Note: most of the characters in this story are Nintendo’s. The only Character I own is Cirith. WHACK! Mario’s foot smacked into the side of Bowser’s face, sending Bowser flying into the side of the Mushroom Castle wall. They were right in the front yard of the Mushroom Castle, duking it out (for the trillionth… Read more »

Luigi Imposter

Bowser stood on the brink of insanity, getting ready to jump off his castle battlements after losing to Mario yet another time. He had attacked with a large goomba force, but the stupid goombas were led right into a mushroom trap that Mario had set up. Bowser was especially mad because he had lost even… Read more »

Light to the Darkness

DARKNESS TO THE LIGHT Chapter 1 – The portal On planet Earth. Speaker: hello every one my name is Goten, son of Goku my father has been gone for quite a bit, He left after one of the tournaments and has never came back. Goten: I might as well tell you what is going on… Read more »

Crown Sabotage

Part 1: Creynolds One day, in Bowser’s castle, Bowser sat with Kamek, plotting their next scheme. “Those fools!” Bowser exclaimed “I can’t believe the invited me to Peach’s new crowning ceremony!” “Yeah, but how are you going to get Peach this time?” questioned Kamek. “Simple,” said Bowser “We just need a little sabotage,” “I’m still… Read more »

Dead Koopas Chest

At the Mushroom Kingdom army camp. LISTEN PRIVATE IF YOU WANT TO STAY AT 2300 TIME YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE BASICS PRIVATE DO 20 PUSH NOOOOOW screaming the Lt James. ALRIGHT GOOD NOW DO 15 SIT UPS said Lt James. Night: Alright then I shall give you $20 hey said Larry the Koopa. Yep you… Read more »

Cross-Dressing Koopa

Bowser listened angrily to a briefing by one of his koopa troopas. “Eh…Sir. It seems that even though we fought very bravely, we have lost. They recognized us as koopas and we didn’t get the ticket you wished for to the Mushroom Ball.” Bowser leaned down to him. “You good-for-nothing idiot! All I wanted was… Read more »

Creeps in the Night

Story 1 Mario and Luigi are in their house in nintendo land. Mario is having a bad dream in which he is fighting a mummy type thing. The past few nights, he has been having bad dreams, and each night the mummy has gotten closer, but this night he is actually fighting it!! Setting: Mario’s… Read more »

The Mines & A Missing Princess

[Mario finally defeated the currently, only member of the axem rangers, Red. Mario’s gotten the second Star Piece, after a long journy through the woods. Smithy still is roaming, causing destruction with his creations. There are 5 more to collect, and Mario has to hurry up!] (Once again, a glow surrounds Mario, and he learns… Read more »