Fan Fiction

This page is home to any fan created work of Mario fiction. Submit a story, poem, or play. You can read and submit non-fiction works on the articles page.

Not HIM Again!

[This story takes place after Super Paper Mario, the new paper mario game. This story is the sequel to Super Mario RPG:Legend of The Seven Stars. As the name implies, Smithy apparently survived the destruction of his factory. He seeks revenge on Mario and his friends. Witness the more powerful Smithy, and find out the… Read more »

Paper Mario Returns Part 2

Welcome Back to Paper Mario Returns! And now back to the story: Gwa ha ha ha! Mario this is where you lose! Bowser roared. Lets’a go, pant pant. Bowsers max health is 40, and defense is 2. Mario’s max health is 30, but has dropped to 25 from the last battle. Mario chooses Vivian as… Read more »

Paper Mario Returns

Hello there. I have once told you the tale of Paper Mario the thousand year door, but have you ever wondered what happenes next? You’ve come to the right place, for this is the tale of the Seven Moon Stars. And this is were it all begins. . . . It was a bright and… Read more »

Mustang Peachy

Kamek, growing tired of counting his numerous abrasions and wounds, destroyed the castle’s computer, hopefully eradicating any chances of Bowser ordering anything else. “There that should do it.” Bowser came bursting through the door, tears streaming down his face. “No! My beloved computer. It was my passage to fame.” “Sire, it was for the best.”… Read more »

Mario’s Guild

Episode One Setting: Mario’s guild headquarters (aka his basement) Mario: I call this guild to order! Luigi: *raises hand* Mario: Yes Luigi: Why am I the only one here? Mario: um…. a dirty water supply? okay, I forgot to invite people. Luigi: But, Saumas is making her famous cookies, and Falco and Fox were going… Read more »

Mario’s Adventure: Episode One

Mario!…Mario wake up!….The princess has been kidnapped again!. Mario leapt out of his bed looking around, but only saw his room. He walked to his door and opened it. He saw a Toad. He, like all the others was not very tall and had a mushrrom for a head. “Mario Peach has been kidnapped! Peach’s… Read more »

Mario in High School: Episode 4 Luigi and the Geeks

Setting-Bus(Luigi, Bowser, Peach) (It was October 29, and it was raining, the bus ride home was okay…), Bowser that was stupid. Luigi-You just wasted 300 coins! Bowser-Ya, so. I can get the money back. I own the High School Shop. Luigi-8 months till you can pay it back. Get another job in town and… Read more »

Mario in High School: Episode 2 The Greek Teacher

Setting: Library (Luigi, Mario, Nintendi) (October, the leaves start falling and people bunge off the roof, the nerds start picking thiers noses and Carl Fan mashes to class Eeee.) Mario: Stop reading what Luke put on the test. Luigi: We have 5 Minutes left Mario: you need a book for the book report which is… Read more »

Mario in High School

The first day of coolness Setting: Nintendo High (Mario, Luigi, Ness) (The first day of school, High school. Everybody is happy because all their friends will be there and Wono is gone. Well Mario blasts out of of Reaffix St. and Luigi Dodo Rd. ) Mario(running fast): Yo! Yoshi. (He runs into the school, make… Read more »