Fan Fiction

This page is home to any fan created work of Mario fiction. Submit a story, poem, or play. You can read and submit non-fiction works on the articles page.

Yoshi Troubles

It was midnight, and a quiet blanket of warm, fuzzy stuff had descended upon the crazed town of Mushroom Kingdom. Minus a few Mushroom juice-ridden mushrooms, the town was relatively quiet. Then, it happened: the old Mushroom Express pulled into the town’s depot. “Tweet!” screamed the train’s whistle as it screeched to a halt. The… Read more »

Why Doth The Koopa Sing?

A searing bolt of lightning crackled through the sky and hit the tallest of towers on Koopa’s Keep. Then, as fast as the lightning, it retreated back up into the clouds it came from, frightened by a sound more hideous and terrifying then its own. Bowser had just finished watching a series of videos that… Read more »

Where’s Toad?

At three o’clock in the morning toad was awake well half awake he was tired because he didn’t get any sleep that night because toadette was hosting a party at my castle she loves hosting party’s she holds them to 9:00 am or something toad decided to go out and find some where to sleep… Read more »

The Mysterious Grand Tree

[Defeated Bowyer, the arrow-shooting maniac, Mario did. Mario found a Star Piece there, so that must mean that Smithy has once again broken the Star Road. Will Mario find the strength to collect them all and trounce Smithy again?] (Back to the story! After Mario collects the Star Piece, he gets the so-called “star move”[a… Read more »

The Halorifacts

Mario and co. are trying a different way to catch Browser. Chapter 1: Two New Surprises Luigi: Hope it works Mario: Of course it will work Luigi. Luigi turned it on and Toad set the course with Peach watching. Peach: Good Toad you set the course right. Toad: Thank you. Mario got ready to fight… Read more »

Teenager Nintendo

It was another day for toad at battle school. Toad: Kooper don’t you wish you were like Mario. Kooper: Yeah. Toad: Like be good at fighting and stuff. Toad: I like the school but I’m just not good at fighting. Kooper: You will learn soon or later. Toad: Suppose you’re right. Link (teacher): Come in… Read more »

Super Mortal Kombat II

Last time on Super Mortal Kombat. Whoever will be facing Wario Tsung will be me said Mario Kang. Accepted said Ganon Kahn. Will you just listen to but Scoopion punched Koopzero grabed him threw into the rocks. ah err said Raiden you did not obey the rules as Raiden makes a electrical ball and throws… Read more »

Super Mortal Kombat

Last time at the Super Mortal Kombat when the evil Wario Shang Tsung had prepared a fighting tournament knowing called Super Mortal Kombat. The champion Mario Kang when he defeated Waluigi known as Kano with the metal plate on his face. Wario Tsung which it’s his real name has escaped and so did Goro known… Read more »

Super Mario Bros. The Seven Gold Stars

Prologue At the Mushroom Kingdom Castle, it is night outside. Outside the Castle, you can see the whole front yard lit up with lights and the grass as green as ever. A bunch of stars light up the night sky with a crescent moon. Each side in the front, there are big bushes. They are… Read more »

Race for The Stars

[Will Mario find and defeat Smithy again? This time, things should go smoothly with Luigi by his side, right?] (We see Mario and Luigi walking though Mushroom Road again. They are heading towards the Mushroom Kingdom Castle.) MARIO: Toad Town is just past Goomba Valley. We should be there in a few minutes! LUIGI: I… Read more »