Character Bios

Don’t know enough about the Mario World? Not to worry, the Toad’s Castle Bios page is here to tell you everything you need to know about your favorite characters.

Donkey Kong

First Appearance: Donkey Kong, 1981 Likes: Bananas, parties, drums (preferably bongos) Dislikes: King K. Rool, someone stealing his bananas, bananas gone bad Donkey Kong. The Ape that started it all (actually, he’s not an ape, but whatever)! He’s a giant gorilla who loves to party almost as much as he loves Bananas! He’s always seen… Read more »


First Appearance: Super Mario Land, 1989 Likes: Flowers, Luigi, Princess Peach Dislikes: Boredom, Tatanga, Bowser (pretty much everyone hates Bowser) The cheery Tomboy princess of Sarasaland. Her first appearance was in Super Mario Land, where she was kidnapped by the evil alien, Tatanga, until rescued by Mario. After that, she didn’t appear in any games… Read more »

Bowser Koopa

First Appearance: Super Mario Bros, October 1985 Likes: Princess Peach, being mean, his children, the Koopalings Dislikes: Mario Bros.!, his plans failing, bad guys stealing his shtick Big, bad, and ugly all rolled into one, Bowser is one of Mario’s fiercest enemies! He controls a vast number of minions, not to mention his seven children… Read more »


First appearance: Super Mario Bros.2 Likes: Shooting eggs Dislikes:Being hit with her own eggs Birdo first appeared as a boss at the end of the level who shot eggs in an attempt to kill you. In order to kill her, you had to pick up her own eggs and hit her three times. If you… Read more »

Big Bob-omb

First appearance: Super Mario 64 Likes: Explosions, and Grooming his Mustache Dislikes: People making fun of his Mustache The Baron of Blasting Matter! The King of Kabooms the world over! The Big Bob-omb!!!!!!! He once started a war over his mustache, and he was also at war with the Bob-omb buddies. He was located on… Read more »