Character Bios

Don’t know enough about the Mario World? Not to worry, the Toad’s Castle Bios page is here to tell you everything you need to know about your favorite characters.


First appearance: Super Mario World Likes: Mario bros, justice Dislikes: Bowser, Evil and being trapped in eggs. Yoshi first appeared in Super Mario World as a friend you could ride. But he needed help getting his friends out of eggs they were trapped in by the Koopalings. We later found out that it was Yoshi… Read more »


First Appearance: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Likes: Garlic, Money, Treasure Dislikes: Mario, Not Getting enough Money Wario is unlike Mario in every way. He is not heroic. He is greedy and wears a W on his hat and is over weight, strong and loves Garlic. He is not related to Mario at… Read more »


First Appearance: Mario Tennis, 2000, N64 Likes: Garlic, Wario, Pitching, Boxing, Cash Dislikes: Luigi, “How’s the weather up there” jokes, Fake Cash Waluigi is an odd fellow. He’s the anti-luigi, tall, ugly, and nasty, Waluigi can often be seen hanging out with his partner in crime, Wario. Often called the “Wicked Bros” the two hate… Read more »


First Apperance: Mario Kart Double Dash!! November 2003 Likes: Toad, Racing, Hosting Partys Dislikes: Bowser, Losing, People eating with there mouth open


First Appearance: Super Mario Bros, October 1985 Likes: Mario, Peach, Toadette, racing, tennis, baseball and other sports. Dislikes: All enemies, especially Bowser. Toad’s quiet life as one of Princess Toadstool’s loyal servants was changed forever the day Bowser descended on the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad, who was quickly moving up in status, had been assigned to… Read more »

Petey Piranha

Likes: Piranha Plants Dislikes:Water First Appearance: Super Mario Sunshine Petey is the leader of the Piranha Plants who has given Mario trouble for years. He first appeared in Super Mario Sunshine as the boss of Bianco Hills. In order to defeat him, you had to spray water in his mouth to make his belly button… Read more »

Peach Toadstool

First Appearance: Super Mario Bros, October 1985 Likes: Mario Bros, her subjects, cake Dislikes: Bowser, being kidnapped, rudeness Kind and gentle, yet strong-headed and brave, Princess Toadstool (Peach) is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She has great fashion sense and actually a pretty good cook! When she hasn’t been kidnapped (usually by Bowser), Peach… Read more »

Mario Mario

First Appearance: Donkey Kong, 1981 Likes: Mushrooms, Princess Peach, his brother, Luigi Dislikes: Bowser, Wario, stale pasta Mario, also known as “Mr. Nintendo”, occasionally, is one of video games’ best heroes! Although he is best known as a plumber, he has also been a carpenter, a doctor, a boxing refree, a tennis pro, a racing… Read more »

Luigi Mario

First Appearance: Mario Bros, 1983 Likes: His brother, Mario, Princess Daisy (a rumor), green stuff Dislikes: Ghosts!, Waluigi, evil (overall) Luigi, Mario’s brother, seemed to always be left out of the spotlight, but Luigi IS a hero in his own right! He’s saved Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom numerous times, and is very well proud… Read more »


Kamek, Chief Magikoopa First Appearance: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (1995) Likes: Casting spells, being evil, reading Dislikes: Mario Bros., Yoshis, losing During Bowser’s childhood, he was taken care of by the powerful MALE magikoopa, Kamek. While Bowser did have technical control over his army, Kamek gave most of the orders, particularly to the… Read more »