Character Battles

Cheer your favorite character on to victory! Vote for the winner in the current match on the Character Battles Forum. After one side receives enough votes, the winner will be announced along with a full description of the battle.

Bowser vs. Eggman

Bowser: Mario’s arch-enemy, the Evil King of Koopas! He tries to kidnap Princess Peach and rule the Mushroom Kingdom, but for now, he faces another famous villain. Dr. Eggman: Sonic’s arch-enemy, the World’s Greatest Scientise, with an I.Q. of 300! He tries to conquer the world, but it seems he’s aiming for Toad’s Castle this… Read more »

Bowser vs. Boo

Bowser Boo Fade into Toad’s Castle Battle Arena… Toad: “Hey, everybody, and welcome to another awesome character battle!” Crowd: *cheers* Wario: *in crowd; to Waluigi* “I-a hope this one won’t be as-a lame as-a the last one!” Walugi: “You-a said it!” Toad: “Once again, I’m your host, Toad!” Toadette: “And I’m your hostess, Toadette!” Toad:… Read more »