The articles section feature editorials, rants, and other general articles relating to Mario or Nintendo.

The POW Block

When we think of the Mario series, what do we think of? One of the last things that come into mind is the POW Block. It hasn’t appeared in Many games at all, and it isn’t the most prized or funnest item to use, but it plays a role in the series. The POW block… Read more »

Our Tiny, Pink Hero: Nintendo’s Underdog

You may not know it, but Nintendo also sports a tiny, pink hero that comes in the shape of a small ball with fingerless arms and cute red shoes, other than our super plumber hero, and his ape rival. He sports big and shiny navy blue eyes, and the innocent voice of a child. Only,… Read more »

Zelda’s Legend and the Real World

Over a long span of nearly 20 years, the franchise known as “The Legend of Zelda” has come in many forms featuring the adventures of a young boy named Link. Not only did it create its own legend as the definitive RPG franchise of Nintendo, but it affected the world in ushering in the age… Read more »

A History of Heroes and Villains: Nintendo’s Legacy

Many of us have probably noted Nintendo for their famous battles, such as Mario vs. Bowser, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Link vs. Ganon, Donkey Kong vs. King K. Rool, and so on. How did such battles light aflame? They have been famous for years, but how have we gotten to know them so well? Likely,… Read more »

The Golden Age

Today’s games are enhanced with high-tech graphics, sounds, and orchestral music, but we wouldn’t have come to love such things without having a base. It also turns out that maybe the games that formed this base are still loved, and they very well are… Remember when you played your NES, SNES, Genesis, PlayStation, or N64?… Read more »

Miyamoto: The Man Behind Mario

Shigeru Miyamoto was born on September 16, 1952 in the rural community of Sonebe, Japan. A naturally adventurous child with an endless imagination, young Miyamoto divided his days between his comic book collection and exploration. The numerous rice fields, meadows, canyons, and waterways surrounding his village was a perfect environment for him. One day while… Read more »

Top 5 Video Game Villains

Smashmatt’s List 5. Wario I love this guy, he’s just a jerk who’s only in it for himself and himself alone. He’s greedy, he’s a gross slop, and he’s got tons of strength. It’s a shame he isn’t portrayed as much as an antagonist these days, or he would have been higher. 4. Dr. Ivo… Read more »

The Sons of Nintendo

As we all know, Nintendo’s famous GameBoy series of systems are major successes in not only the handheld gaming industry, but the entire gaming industry in general. It always sported great games, beat out all other handhelds, and of course, conveniently supported portability in amazing ways. From its debut in the 80s until now, the… Read more »

Video Game Generation 7: The End of the Industry?

The Crash After Generation 2 and the Savior of Generation 3 Yes, the video game industry has died before. The masses were crushed because of the massive amounts of bad games (E.T.) and bad consles being released (Oddessy 2, Atari 7600). The only part of the industry gaining strength at that time was computer gaming,… Read more »

Portable Super Mario RPG: A Cause Worth Fighting For?

Two years and three days ago in a fit of anger, and perhaps insanity at the idea that it could actually change anything, I sent a passionate email to Nintendo demanding they release Super Mario RPG for Game Boy Advance. I impatiently awaited a reply that would surely bring the announcement of SMRPG for GBA… Read more »