Bowser’s Club

Step by step…Into the mystical forest…step by step…seeing all those toads having fun and playing into the water…step by step…Bowser walks in to the Mushroom Kingdom stuffing the day and all toads running to there houses untill the two plumbers come. Mario and Luigi. So they fought and defeated Bowser for about say…263.

Meanwhile down at Mushroom Headqaurters. Well well if it ain’t Bowser the spikey fool said Officer Shy Guy. Yes Im here to terriors all Kingdoms you know said Bowser spiting at Officer Shy Guy. Officer Shy Guy punches Bowser off the chair as the other cops get him up again. Now tell us why you plan to make a contruction down at Mushroom Village at Mushroom yard said Officer Shy Guy. Well im only making a Club of mine only for KOOPAS. Yea and like you will get shy guys in. Well don’t worry we will get in if we want to mate im the boss of Mushroom yard and nobody refuses.

At Mushroom Kingdom:

Okay Luigi you win don’t get all angry said Mario. Fine then bro just look because im the best in chess dosen’t mean you can’t beat me. Stradegy Mario stradegy.

Later that day. Look at this said Mario Bowser is making a Club only for Koopas here down at Mushroom yard. Sick said Luigi give us a look. Bowser club opens in three days. You reckon we can sneak in or not Mario. Pretty hard Luigi, gaurds everywhere.

Three days Later. Huh huuuuh said Bowser laughing with a evil grin with drips from his mouth. Kamek got the Golden Shroom? Sure do Bowser here it is. Priceless here Kamek this can be my precious treasure. Nobody will steal it I will take it to my club and it will be protected there. Well it finished now you club now Bowser lord said Kamek. Well done Kamek said Bowser now this shall be a hard one for the Mario Bros to solve what exactley im going to do her huh HUUUH.

Meanwhile when Mario and Luigi were walking to Mushroom Village. You know Bowser seems very suspicious opening his Club you know Luigi. Tell me about im mean why would he open a club for its like he stole the Golden shroom or something Bowser would be to stupid to steal you know. Look there’s his club. As all the koopas come in with these funny clothes or something. Welcome and welcome to Bowser club where you can eat drink dance have a chat watch movies play pool and even play a bit of these coin in shell pokies named after my father probably so came in said Bowser. Back off mate said Koopa secruity man Koopas only CAN’T YOU READ MATE. Na I can’t boso said Toad man. The secruity three people grab him and throw him away. You bums I’ll make you pay for this you son of a hammers while he runs away.

Mario and Luigi come. Bowser cool club you have here can we come said Luigi? Are you guys blind LOOK. Koopas Only. C’mon please just one night please please please beged Mario. Errr hmmm….NAAA get lost now before i scratch you you prumes. Lets go Luigi said Mario as they were disgusing a plan. We must find a way to get in there said Luigi. Don’t worry Luigi we’ll get in there said Mario looking at Bowser when Bowser was looking at Mario.

GOLDEN SHROOM STOLEN FROM FOE MUESEUM AND MUST GET RECOVERED. Ahhh you see Luigi Bowser stole the shroom and I bet you he’s keeping it somewhere hidden in his stupid club or something said Mario. Well perhaps now we must find away to get in there and retreave it at once.

At Night 12:00 AM Okay Luigi we only have tonight to get it back now lets go. Mario and Luigi puts the koopa costumes on. This is it Luigi. YES said the Koopa secruity? Yea we are koopas and we like to go inside please. Sure get…wait a minute…you the guy on TV. Can I have you Autograph? Mario and Luigi?!?!?!?! Errr yea here you go, I guess. Now you two get inside and have a good night already. Mario and Luigi look at each other laughing silently. Okay here we are this looks kinda weird look. As Mario and Luigi looks at the club they see koopas in a circle. Baff as one of the bikey koopas hit Mario and Luigi. C’mon Koopa bro’s there’s a fight on said Bikey Koopa. Oh okay lets go Luigi. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. As all the Koopas scream. Well look at theses babies said Luigi. Green Koopa you suck Im kicking you’r ass you loser. Just getting warmed up you shiver said Blue Koopa. AS the Blue Koopa tackles the Green Koopa into the pole. Ah who cares, lets go Luigi said Mario. Mario and Luigi both go to a bar to have a drink. Hay you drink please bro. Yea make it quick weaklings. Just a Shroom Soda and for my bro a super soda. Here now drink said the bar man. Glug glug glug…not to bad Luigi said Mario. Okay Luigi as they were both whispering. We must go up those stairs to retrieve the Golden shroom got it. Yea lets go said Luigi.

Later. Knock knock. Yea come. We are the Generals from Bean bean Kingdom you wanted what is it and make it quick please. Yes said Bowser. We are here to make a deal or Die. What is the deal then Bowser said the General Koopa. Well here we are as Bowser opens the safe. Its called the GOLDEN SHROOM and is worth a brilliant worth of money to. Well what does it do then Bowser said the Koopa General. Well you see it contains inperial power from the Foe Mueseum and well it was guarded pretty good but nothing could possibly outsmart Bowser corp. Well we shall give you the payment said the Koopa General. How much do you want for it said Koopa? 100.000000. The money is to much out of our reach said the Koopa General. Well have it you’r way as Bowser presses the Button on his chair he was sitting on. Wrong answer said Bowser as the Koopa Gaurds come in with these weird Pirahana Plant Guns that shoot out Fire balls. Any last requests said Bowser? Okay said the General you’ll have you’r money by 2 days to deliver. Exellent said Bowser and I will not tolarate Failure do I make my self Clear now General of Bean bean Kingdom? Yes you do Bowser. Good now get him out gaurds. As the Gaurds take him out. This money of mine will be spent so soon the Mario will not even recognize me her huh huh huuuuuuuuh.

Meanwhile: Okay Luigi we must get to those stairs once and for all said Mario. Alright just counting how many floors we have. Whoa three floors said Luigi. Fine said Mario just perfect now lets go up. As Mario and Luigi walk up they see a security Guard standing on the door way with a view of his back. Sidle. Baff Mario knocks the guard down with a karate chop. Now get him up Luigi. Mario and Luigi walk into a room and it was a office of Bowser. Mario shuts the door and locks it. Mario and Luigi take’s there Costumes off. Okay now with Mario getting his flashlight. Looking into the paper folder’s. What do we have here. Construction Rule. Bathroom Plumbing.Golden Shroom Deal. Here listen Luigi. BY 2 DAYS I’LL HAVE MY MONEY AND THE MUSHROOM VILLAGE WILL BE MINE AND THE SAKE OF GENERAL KOOPA OF BEAN BEAN KINGDOM ARE STILL PROGRESSING AT WAR AGAINST SARRASALAND AND THE GOLDEN SHROOM COULD THE VICTORY OF BEAN BEAN KINGDOM AND THE GENERAL SAYS. IF WW DON’T END WAR. WAR WILL END US. SO HE HAD TWO CHOICES AND HE CHOSE TO LIVE THE MUSHROOM VILLAGE IS VERY CLOSE TO BECOME KOOPA KINGDOM. BOWSER.

Sucks Luigi a war between Sarrasaland and Bean Bean Kingdom. That’s propostries. We must get that Shroom Luigi before it’s to late. Well we can’t stand here lets get out of here. TAP TAP TAP. Wait someone is coming said Luigi, turn you flashlight off quickly. Knock Knock Bowser are you in there. No Replie. Herm just some rat. Okay Luigi lets go. As they were tip toeing into the corridor they see the bath room. Okay in here Luigi c’mon. Shut. Okay need to wash my face. The tap turns on. Mario look at this there is a vent that possibly could lead to Bowser’s room and the safe especially. Mario turns the tap off and wipes his face with a towel. Where said Mario? Above you said Luigi. Oh cool good thinking Luigi lets go. Mario gives Luigi a boost to open the Vent lid. Okay im in give me you hand Mario quickly someone is coming. Mario grabs hold of Luigi’s arm and pulls him up and shuts the lid. A person comes in thinking if someone was in here. What the?!?

Meanwhile Mario and Luigi were crawling into the vent systems. You okay behind there Luigi said Mario. Sure. Mario and Luigi end up at a vent crossing with three different ways to choose from. Are well I think we pick a way now Luigi. Well keep going straight then said Luigi. Mario and Luigi continue crawling. Dear I never thought Bowser’s Club would be Guarded this well. Tell me about it but no one will outsmart the Mario Bros said Mario. Lets hope said Luigi. Great said Mario there are three new different ways but there’s a hole that leads straight thoe. Now which way said Mario? Go down there slowly thoe. Mario grabs hold the bar and slowly falls and lands safely. Good now come Luigi quick. Luigi jumps and Mario catches him to safety and continues to crawl. There over there it’s a Bowser portrait I can see and it’s his room good correct ways we decided c’mon Luigi hurry up.

Mario smashes the door open and gets inside the room. C’mon Luigi you have to be faster then that next time quick said Mario excited. Mario and Luigi walk to the safe and try’s to unlock it. Its hopeless said Mario we’ll never open it it’s in possible. Wait I have an Idea we must look for an hammer or axe start looking said Luigi. As Mario and Luigi starts looking. Here look what I have found said Luigi. Mario looks at Luigi with a shock. Oh you found the safe key exellent wow now give it. Mario starts to unlock the safe. Here it is the Golden Shroom now here put in you’r pocket hurry. Zip. Done said Luigi. Okay now lets get out of here. BISH. Not so fast plumbers you aren’t going anywhere. We shall see about that said Mario. Bowser grabs his Plant gun and points it at Luigi. Give me the Golden Shroom or suffer. Never said Luigi. Bamm Luigi gets shot on the floor. Bowser looks towards Mario. Now its you’r turn plumber. I think not said Mario as he gets yellow cape and swings it out of Bowser’s hand and drops to Mario’s hand. You can suffer first. Bowser kneels on the floor with surrender. Mario rings the police to come. Luigi are you okay c’mon wake up LUIGI. IM fine just a sore shoulder im fine. Mario?!?!. Luigi takes of his shirt and shows Mario that he wore a shroom bullet body vest. Oh Luigi great thinking well done I love you when he hugs Luigi. Arr get off.

As all the Police comes they arrest Bowser for Mushroom Smuggerling. Officer Shy Guy walks in and says. Well I should of known it was you Bowser. Don’t worry Officer Shy Guy onw day you’ll be sorry and I’ll kill you said Bowser. Not if I kill you first Bowser breath take him away and lock him up for two years. Mario and Luigi walks to Officer Shy Guy. Officer as the Officer turns around. We found this Golden Shroom Officer said Mario. Are so you two found it well done indeed said Officer Shy Guy. Men retrieve this back to the Foe Museum now. As they take the shroom and walk away. Well done lads can’t thank you enough now you two better get out of here and see if you two have something in the letter boxes. Mario and Luigi look at each other and goes home. Officer look what I have just found from Bowser’s Office.


Luigi read this war over and Sarrasaland wins as well said Mario. Good said Luigi at least my girlfriend Daisy’s country has won. Now about that Dinner lets go said Mario. Sure thing said Luigi let me get dressed first.