Bowser vs. Boo


Fade into Toad’s Castle Battle Arena…

Toad: “Hey, everybody, and welcome to another awesome character battle!”

Crowd: *cheers*

Wario: *in crowd; to Waluigi* “I-a hope this one won’t be as-a lame as-a the
last one!”

Walugi: “You-a said it!”

Toad: “Once again, I’m your host, Toad!”

Toadette: “And I’m your hostess, Toadette!”

Toad: “We’ve got another exciting fight today! And this one started during
the end of the last match! So let’s hurry up and let the fighting begin!”

Crowd: *cheers*

Wart: *in crowd* “This is such a pointless match! Bowser vs. Boo?!? What
kind of match-up is that?!? Bowser will most certainly win!

King Boo: *to Wart* “I beg to differ! My loyal servant, Boo, is much more
clever then that giant bonehead!”

Dry Bones: *next to them* “HEY!”

King Boo: “Oh, uh, no offense to you, of course!”

Wart: “Well, while I may agree with you that he’s a bone-… I mean, not so
smart, he is still more powerful then a common Boo!”

King Boo: “Oh, really, care to make a bet on it?”

Wart: “Very well, then. I bet 1,000 coins that Bowser wins!”

King Boo: “Yes, very well, but let’s make things a bit more interesting! If
Boo wins, then you must agree to let me turn you into a ghost and then, suck
you up with the Polergust 3000! And let me tell you, that won’t be pleasant!”

Wart: “Very well, then, but if Bowser wins, you’ll have to clean my bathroom
for 6 months! And let ME tell YOU, I won’t make it easy!”

King Boo: “Agreed!”

They shake hands, and look back at the stage. Toad and Toadette are at their
usually spots.

Toad: “Let’s introduce our fighters, shall we? First off, he’s one of the
biggest bad guys out there, and he’s not afraid to show it! He’s big, bad,
and ugly, all rolled into one! The King of Koopas himself, Bowser!”

Bowser music from Super Mario 64 plays, and Bowser stomps on to the stage.
The crowd with Bowser supporters cheers, but the rest Boos loudly.

Bowser: “Yeah! That’s right! Give it up for… NOT YET!!!”

Boo was beginning to appear, but quickly disappears.

Toadette: “And now for our next opponent. He’s one of the sneakiest, and
cutest, ghosts out there! Put your hands together for Boo!”

There’s applause, but Boo doesn’t appear.

Bowser: “Okay, now!”

Boo appears on stage and wakes his arms to the crowd.

Toad: “And here comes our referee, Ref Guy!”

Ref Guy, the Shy Guy with striped clothes, wakes onto the stage and
approaches the two fighters. Both come together.

Ref Guy: “Okay, now I know you guys are known to be sneaky and rely on nearly
every trick in the book to win, but try to tone it down a bit for this fight.”

Bowser: “Fine.”

Boo: “Okay.”

Both of them have their fingers crossed.

Ref Guy: “Okay, then, BEGIN!

Bowser: “Flame breath!”

Boo: “YOW!”

Toad: “Bowser starts off with his trademark Fire Breath attack!”

Toadette: “And it seems to be effective! Boo’s been blackened to a crisp!”

A dark Boo falls to the ground, then crumples into ashes.

Toad: “What?!? It seems that Boo has been reduced to dust!”

Bowser: “Ha! If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the… GAH!”

Boo: “Hehehe!”

Toadette: “Boo attacked Bowser from behind! That other one must have been a

Bowser: “GRRR! This is not over yet…!”

Toad: “Now Bowser is rushing at Boo in an angry rush!”


Boo: “Hehehe…”

Toadette: “Oh, no, now Boo seems to have disappeared!”

Toad: “Yeah, and Bowser looks pretty confused and angry!”

Bowser looks around furiously! Then suddenly…

Boo: “Boo-Bite!”

Bowser: “GAAAHHH!!!”

Toadette: “OH MY GOSH! Boo has sunken his teeth into Bowser!”

Toad: “Yeah, but Bowser’s shell protected him from most of the damage.”

Bowser reaches back to grab Boo, but Boo isn’t there.

Toadette: “Here we go again. Boo’s gone again! This might lead to another
sneak attack!”

Bowser: *to himself* “This is getting me no where, fast! I go to find a way
to beat that little sneaky… wait…”

Bowser grins, and then starts to walk across the stage.

Toadette: “What’s this, it looks like Bowser’s about to walk off the stage!”

Toad: “Hey, it was my turn!”

Toadette: “So what?”

Toad: “So what? SO WHAT?!? What about that big deal you gave me last time
during the last match?!?”

Toadette: “That’s different, you’re always a jerk! Besides, haven’t you
ever heard of women first?”

Toad: “Okay, now you’ve gone too far!”

Meanwhile, Bowser walks to the edge of the stage and stops. The crowd begins
to murmur.

King Boo: “Ah ha! See, Bowser’s given up!”

King Boo holds up a vacuum cleaner, but Wart puts it down.

Wart: “Don’t count Bowser out, yet! He’ll win, just you wait and see! But
don’t but that think away, you just might need it soon!”

Back on the stage, Boo shows up for another sneak attack, when suddenly,
Bowser quickly turns around and breathes fire on Boo! Then while Bo is slightly
shocked and damaged, Bowser slashes him twice with his claws, then jumps high
in the air!

Bowser: “BOWSER BOMB!”

Bowser then comes roaring down to the ground and lands on Boo with a boom!
The whole stadium shakes. Even Toad and Toadette and shaken out of their

Toad: “What the…? Aww, man! We missed the exciting part!”

Toadette: “Yeah, thanks to you!”

Toad: “Now look who’s selfish! Anyway, our Referee is going in for a better

Ref Guy walks up to Bowser, who is now getting up. Boo lies on the ground in
a daze.

Boo: “Owwoooooo…”

Ref Guy: “Hmmm, it seems that Boo is no longer able to battle. If he stays
down for 10 counts, it will be official. Here we go. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6…

Bowser: “Oh, just get on with it! He’s not getting up!”

Ref Guy: “Hmm, I guess your right. That is a bit of a silly rule! No one
ever uses it anyway! But still… 7… 8… 9… 10! Boo is out! The winner is

Crowd: *cheers*

Bowser: “YEAH! That’s right! Give it up for me! YEAH!”

Toad: “Looks like Bowser won this match! Boy, that was exciting!”

Toadette: “And we would have seen it if it weren’t for…
Toad: “DON’T SAY IT! Anyway, thanks for coming everyone! And Stay tuened
next time for another exciting character battle!”

Later that night, King Boo is seen cleaning Wart’s bathroom with the
Poltergust 3000.

Wart: “Hey, you missed a spot. Hehe…”