First appearance: Super Mario Bros.2
Likes: Shooting eggs
Dislikes:Being hit with her own eggs

Birdo first appeared as a boss at the end of the level who shot eggs in an attempt to kill you. In order to kill her, you had to pick up her own eggs and hit her three times. If you could do that, she would spew out a crystal that allows you to open the crow’s mouth to exit the level. Birdo is usually pink but comes in many colors such as, Red which shot out fire balls and eggs, and Green which shot out only fire balls. To defeat it, you had to find a mushroom block to throw at her. In order to advance in world 4-3 in SMB2, you needed to ride her egg. Lately, she is becoming good, some even say that she is Yoshi’s girlfriend. The games she appears in are as follows… 1988’s Super Mario Bros.2; 1994’s tutorial of Wario’s Woods; 1995’s Super Mario RPG (she appeared as a boss inside an egg); 2000 you could play as Birdo in Mario Tennis; 2001 she was in the background of SMB2 stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee; 2003 she appeared in Mario Golf Toadstool Tour ; Mario Kart Double Dash (she was a partner with Yoshi); Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga (she was in love with the thief Popple); 2004 she appeared in the audience in the game Mario Power Tennis; 2005 she appears in Mario Party 7 as a new character, and in Super Mario Baseball she is one of the team captains.