Big Bob-omb

First appearance: Super Mario 64
Likes: Explosions, and Grooming his Mustache
Dislikes: People making fun of his Mustache

The Baron of Blasting Matter! The King of Kabooms the world over! The Big Bob-omb!!!!!!! He once started a war over his mustache, and he was also at war with the Bob-omb buddies. He was located on top of a mountain, but to get up the mountain you had to get past Bob-ombs and rolling bombs. Once you got to the top, you had to beat him, and so the battle begins. In Super Mario 64 DS, you had to grab the Bob-ombs he threw at you and throw them back at him three times. Then after you beat him, he says he will get his revenge. In a later course, you had to be Mario, Luigi, or Wario to be able to beat him. This is the same battle with him as the one previously in Super Mario 64. You have to run around him and grab him from behind and throw him three times. He was in a more recent appearence in Mario Superstar Baseball. He is in one of the Mini-games where you have to hit Bob-ombs. If the game selects the form of him, he will become the ball and be shot at you. The games that he appears in are as follows… Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64 DS, and Mario Superstar Baseball.