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Hey everyone, it's me, Nightmare! Normally, I'm a Forum Moderator, but this time around, I'm going to be helping our with a special event. Other users are pitching in the help as well, such as G-Man, Narudog, and of course, Supertoad!

It's summer time at Toad's Castle, and things are looking up! With site popularity at it's highest, there's bound to be lots of crazy action this year! But with new visiters and members at the Forum, security must be stepped up as well. The Security Toad's, every vigillent, are always patrolling in their karts, on the lookout for those nasty Bots or those rude Forum trolls.


Toadette: Toadiac, please report to my office.
Toadiac: (Voice) Yes, comming!
*The door flies open, and Toadiac enters*
Toadiac: You needed me?
Toadette: Yes. Toadiac, it's your turn to run patrol duty. We have a kart prepared for you.
Toadiac: It will be an honor to fufil my duty!
*Toadiac boards the kart and drives off*

*After driving around a few laps of the castle, he finds something strange*


Toadiac: Hmm, I wonder what that is...


Toadiac: This could mean something, I should check it out.


*A small, round object rolls our from under the box, and gas eminates from it*


*A strange ringing noise is heard from the inside of the box*

press select

140.85 colonel Campbell

Colonel: Snake, are you there?
Snake: Yeah, dived into the location without a hitch. They don't know I'm here.
Colonel: What's your current location? Are you near the base?
Snake: I'm by a tree outside it. Hiding in a box, of course.
Colonel: That again, huh? Ha. Well, anyway, here's your mission. Toadette, go ahead.
Snake: Toadette? Who?
Toadette: Me! I'm a friend of who you're going to be locating.
Snake: A rescue? Why me, then?
Colonel: She came to me first. We knew each other.
Colonel: Snake, your mission is to save Toad. Find him, and if he's hurt..
Toadette: Hurt?!?! Who would do that? AHH!
Colonel: Calm down, Toadette.... He's probably okay.
Toadette: Probably?!?! Real reassuring!
Colonel: Alright, let's just take the best into consideration and pretend he's fine.
Snake: If it keeps her quiet.
Toadette: Hey!
Snake: Ha, just kidding.
Colonel: Snake, I must warn you.... some strange events happened a while ago. Some odd people joined the area a while ago, and no one knows who, or why. Keep your guard up. Find various info in the forums and stay hidden. You must make sure no one finds you and you cannot be discovered. You are unarmed and have no way to defend yourself. This is dangerous, you could be killed. Be safe snake.
Toadette: And bring Toad back safely! Please!
Snake: Alright, I'm going in then. Wish me-
Toadette: And one more thing!
Snake: ...?
Toadette: The rest of Toad's Castle, even the Security Toads, CANNOT, repeat, CANNOT know about this! You have to stay hidden! If they knew that Toad was gone...oooohhhhh...
Snake: Alright, I got it.


press select

140.85 Colonel Roy Campel

Colonel: Snake, how are you doing so far?
Snake: Well, I took out this weird tutle thing that tried to rat me out.
Colonel: That must of been a Koopa, Snake. It's got a tough shell, so it won't be afraid to take a hit. They're pretty common around these parts, so don't forget about them.
Snake: Alright. Well, there are those weird, brown things...Goombas I think? Well, they're a little off to the side of the main group, and they may be blocking the only path to the castle. How can I get past them?
Colonel: Jump, man.
Snake: ...?
Colonel: You've got to know how to jump. It's the A button.
Snake: Colonel, what's gotten into you?
Colonel: Trust me, it will all come together after that.


Press Select

141.12 Dr. Hal Emmerich

Otacon: Snake!
Snake: Otacon, it's been a while. I take it you've been briefed on the misison?
Otacon: Of course. Since none of us know that much about the objective, I didn't know what to expect. But I do have some equipment I could pass on to you if the location and timing is right. We have some operatives under us that could slip in some supplies.
Snake: We'll discuss this later, I'm looking for another entrance.
Otacon: Where are you, anyway?
Snake: I'm directly outside the castle. Maybe closer than you think...
Otacon: Be careful, Snake. I don't want you dieing before you put something in your will for me!
Snake: ...funny.
Otacon: Ha, you know me too well. Good luck, Snake!


Press Select

140.96 Mei Ling

Mei Ling: Hello Snake.
Snake: Mei Ling, good timing, I think the Codec is glitched. It just went off on it's own, and I just barely evaded some Security Guards.
Mei Ling: Maybe if you returned my phone calls...
Snake: *deep sigh*
Mei Ling: *giggles* Hehehe, I'm just joking. The frequency was jammed, that was what made it ring. It should be fixed now. But I do have some information on the Codec. I'm upgrading it for you, so you can communicate with Toadette. But you will have to get close to her to register. Try going to a place she would be at.
Snake: Is that so? Is it that important to risk blowing my cover to get her frequency?
Mei Ling: Well, she knows this place better than anyone, so she could be a big help.
Snake: I doubt it...
Mei Ling: Snake, have you ever read the fabel, "The Lion and the Mouse", by Aesop?
Snake: Will my Codec explode if I say no?
Mei Ling: No, Snake...anyway, the story shows that sometimes the most unexpected person could be the most helpful. You should take that into consideration.
Snake: Well, it couldn't hurt to get another helper.
Mei Ling: Happy hunting, Snake!


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141.12 Dr. Hal Emmerich

Otacon: It's-a me, Mario!
Snake: Shut the hell up, Otacon.
Otacon: Geez, Snake! Seems sombody took a bullet in the leg today...
Snake: Actually, it was a hammer. In an area that a Metal Gears aren't built with.
Otacon: ...TMI, Snake.
Snake: But that's not the worst part. I had to shove the hammer down the thing's throat just to shut it up before it hit the alarm.
Otacon: That must of been a Hammer Bro., Snake. These enemies have been around since the original Super Mario Bros.! If you see one again, be careful. They are some of the deadlies Koopa's in existance; they have more hammers then you could ever imagine!
Snake: Well, isn't that important. Someone should of told me, shouldn't they? Honestly, I should of been given a guide.
Ocaton: Well, you'll have to compromise. If you need anymore info, don't be afraid to call.


Press Select

140.85 Colonel Roy Campel

Colonel: Snake, is everything alright? It's been too long; you've skipped one of are schedualed updates.
Snake: They know that something is wrong, but they don't know what yet. Things are getting heated. I've had to leave three decoys around the site to cover my tracks.
Colonel: Well, what's happened so far?
Snake: Well, first, I found this weird miser at the bottom of a sewer. He was playing with a duel-screened handheld that said "Wario Ware Inc." on the side. He said that he'd never speak a word about me to anyone if I gave him a badge that I had. It was weird, because after I gave it to him, I still had it with me...
Colonel: Was it...a glitch or something...?
Snake: I'm not sure, but I left a decoy box in the area just in case.
Colonel: Alright, what happend then?
Snake: Ok, I used the sewer to find a hidden passage that would take me farther inside the castle then I could normally go. I ended up in an empty room with a bag full of letters. I think it was around six to ten letters in the bag. I left a decoy box around that area as well.
Colonel: I guess it's not out of the ordinary for a popular tourist attraction like Toad's Castle would have a mail room. Go on.
Snake: Alright. Well, I continued on to the next room, which was a large newspaper printing room. I found one paper on the ground which looked like it was printed in the 18th century or something. I hid the last decoy box under a part of the machine nearby, and went on my way.
Colonel: Toad's Castle must of been passed down through a line of Toad's from the Mushroom Kingdom of the past. I guess that castle is older than we thought. Where are you now?
Snake: I can't tell you just yet. I've got the feeling that I'm closer to being found than I look. I'll answer you calls as soon as I can.
Colonel: Good luck, Snake


What's this? It seems that something is going on behind the scenes of Toad's Castle...naturally, all of you must want to get on it right away! So let me explain the situation:

It seems that our beloved Toad has gone missing, and Toadette has contacted the local authorities. As fate would have it, Toad's dissapearance is a lot more deep than originally thought! In a turn of events, a special ops crew has been placed on the mission, trying to uncover the secrets and discover exactly what the mission is, and why it is so another story, a few users at the TC Forum have showed up that aren't familiar, and look rather suspicious...could they have anything to do with the recent dissapearance of Toad?!

Snake, with the help of his trusty box, will be hiding on the different pages of Toad's Castle, gathering information secretly. It's your job as the viewer to hunt down and Find Snake! He will be hiding on a different page each time, and will find a new location if he is spotted. If you find Snake's Box, here is what you do:

1. Claim it on the Toad's Castle Forum. If you are not a member, you must register as one to claim it.
2. Recieve cool prizes like rank changes, username changes, or maybe access to a place on the forum that is super secret...depending on how hidden Snake is!

Sometimes, we will secretly hint at the location of Snake's Box if it is particulally hard to find. Here is the first secret clue:

We've tapped into a private conversation, and it seems that Snake has produced his hiding spot in a special's certainly a super hiding place, because we can't find him anywhere! Is he even in the Mario World?

And one last thing: If no one finds Snake's Box within five days time, he will of gathered all the information he needed, and move on to another location. So hurry up and find him. Good luck hunting Toad's Castle!

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